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EXCLUSIVE ‘She’s desperate to have a brother or sister’

He’s the husband of Una, 32, from The Saturdays and rugby player Ben Foden says that he’s looking forward to the birth of their second child.

The motorsports fan told MailOnline that the couple’s two-year-old daughter Aoife is looking forward to welcoming the new addition to the family.

‘Aoife knows something’s going on,’ he said while promoting Dunlop tyres, sponsors of the BTCC. ‘Una shows her her tummy and tells her there’s a baby in there and she kisses it.

‘She sort of understands. She’s really good with other kids. I think she’s desperate to have a brother or sister to play with.’

Ben says he’s always wanted a big family and commends his pretty wife for working throughout her pregnancies.


‘Una’s been great,’ he gushed. ‘Going on that big tour performing every night on stage is a big ask for someone who is carrying a child so I couldn’t be prouder. She’s done really well so far.’



Foden also said that he doesn’t yet know the sex of their second baby and says he wouldn’t rule out choosing an usual moniker.

‘I quite like unusual names,’ he said. ‘I’ve had a few vetos already. We’ve got to find out what sex the baby is first and then figure it out. I’ve got an idea, it’s just convincing my other half.

‘Una’s dad suggested Aoife, [for their first child]. I’d never heard of it before. A lot of English people haven’t, but it’s like being called Sarah in Ireland. Maybe something along those lines again.

‘I’ve always imagined myself having two or three children. It will be Una’s decision, but I wouldn’t say this will be the last addition to our family.’

Ben also commented on how he makes his relationship to the glamorous singer work.

He said: ‘You’ve always got to make time for each other and enjoy each other’s company. I went to three of the tour dates.

‘I went down to the Bournemouth gig with Marvin and Wayne and Gary to surprise the girls all together. It’s all about making the effort, Una comes to rugby games when she can.’


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