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Fun footprint activities

Images and words: Sara Conway

To make these fun prints, your child paints their foot, makes a print and then adds the little extras.

You’ll need: paint, paper and feet! Plus a cotton wool tail for the rabbit and/or googly eyes for the monster.

1 Funny bunny: turn a footprint into this furry friend

They print in white on coloured paper, paint on ears and add a cotton wool tail.

 2 Dapper duck: tiny toes can make this cute picture

Dip their foot in yellow paint and then they paint a head, a beak and add googly eyes.

 3 Whooshing rocket: little scientists will love this one

They can choose whatever colour they like. Then they paint on fins, windows and a pointy top. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… what are they waiting for!

4 Little monster: it’s easy to create this cheeky monster

Monsters can be any gruesome colour. They stick on googly eyes and a grin.

 5 Grrreat mate: a baby dino pal

This time, they paint their foot green. Print… then add a tail, arms and googly eyes.

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