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Has your little one tried our NEW tasty Baby Breakfasts and Drinks?

We’re proud to welcome two scrummy new arrivals to our Heinz Baby family. From our Summer Fruit Multigrain to our Creamy Oat Porridge, our new delicious breakfast cereals are bursting with taste, texture and goodness. With a variety of flavours and two different textures to choose from, it’s easy to find the products just right for your little one’s age and stage of development. Plus, all our cereals are packed with up to 12 key vitamins and minerals, essential to your baby’s development.

Squeezed with goodness 

Our new delicious drinks for little ones are made using pure Spring Water and real fruit juice. The new Fruit & Veg! range has a unique blend of fruit & veggies. With no added sugar*, our drinks are refreshing for sunny summer days. They come in many delicious flavours and in two handy sizes –150ml for when you’re out and about and a 500ml to keep at home.

So whatever age or stage of weaning your little one is at, here are two more yummy ways from Heinz Baby to help you give them the goodness they need to grow happy™.

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*Contains only naturally occurring sugars

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