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Heinz Mango and Apricot Biscotti – Taste Testing.

Here at Lovedbyparents we are always searching for great products that we think parents and little ones will love. We asked 5 families to undertake a taste test for the new Heinz Baby Mango and Apricot Biscotti suitable from 7+ months.

The  new Mango and Apricot flavour is a delicious addition to its popular Biscotti range. Perfect for little hands during the 7+ months weaning stage, this tasty snack is based on their unique Italian recipe for an authentic taste and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Instead, they’re packed with baby grade ingredients and 8 key vitamins and minerals, including iron to support normal cognitive development.

The recipe also combines a unique blend of some your little one’s favourite fruits and exotic flavours, so it really is a great choice for tiny taste buds. What’s more, the Mango and Apricot Biscotti, along with many other delicious varieties across the range, are fantastically convenient as an on-the-go snack.

Our little testers had a great time taste testing and here are the parents thoughts and photos which very much speak for themselves.



Toby found this very easy to grasp and it didn’t take him long to devour the biscotti! He loved it and searched for the crumbs too!I thought that the biscotti were the perfect size, easy for Toby to self-feed and that they smelt really nice! (I was tempted to have a nibble haha) It’s perfect for an on-the-go snack or treat at home.

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I have previously bought the apple and chocolate flavours from this brand with my 3 year old. As the twins are 9 months old they are an ideal age to give the biscotti biscuits to. The fact they are the perfect size for their hands and mouth make it easy for them to practise putting the biscuit towards their mouth. I like the fact they are hard on the outside but soften really quickly as when they break and there’s bits in their mouths it dissolves quickly. The fact most babies don’t have teeth they cant chew them yet so need that they break down easily- Therefore no choking episodes.

I have bought cheaper brands of Biscotti biscuits and found Heinz to be far better.

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Both twins loved them and would demolish them as quick as I gave it them. They’d be wanting more. I also gave them my 3 year old as he loves them to. They are great to encourage baby led weaning and development of baby learning how to eat.

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Each pack contains 12 finger biscuits to help dexterity and self-feeding as your baby begins to take more control of their feeding. And the great news is they are already available in your local supermarket, so pop a pack on your shopping list today; your little one is sure to love them.

For more product information, recipes and meal inspiration, check out the Heinz Baby Club

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