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Heinz Pouches Taste Testing

Available in 20 tasty recipes, Heinz have packed lots of delicious goodness into their range of pouches. Each fruit pouch contains 60% of your little one’s daily Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system, while the savoury ones are fortified with iron to support healthy cognitive development. Our pouches also come in two textures. The 4+ months variety helps your baby learn to take food off the spoon, while the more mashed texture of the 7+ month ones helps them learn to chew.

We asked some little testers to try out the new pouches and here are the lovely results:


heinz baby review 1

‘We’ve been weaning since 6 months (she’s now 9 months), mostly Baby Led Weaning. Though we do occasionally use pouches for flavouring yoghurt or as standby meals when travelling. Before now we’ve only use Ella’s Kitchen, Aldi and M&S branded baby food pouches. The Heinz pouch was easy to use. I like that the contents can be frozen, which is great if some is leftover. It seems sweeter than other branded pouches I’ve tasted’. – Jules and Lily aged 8 months.


‘The fruit pouches were great. They were easy to store due to the shape of the packaging, they were easy to squeeze out not leaving any wastage and there was the perfect amount in them’. – Kate and Phoebe 6 months.


‘Great handy pouch, ideal for popping in the changing bag for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go ! Reassuring for busy mums to know that their babies are getting all the goodness from fruit in an easy and convenient way for mums too!’ – Laura and Sophia 5 months.


‘My daughter loved these pouches. She loved the taste and loved the texture. She liked eating the puree off the spoon but also liked exploring the texture with her hands! She liked it on its own but also mixed with natural yogurt or custard. She recognized the pouch when she saw it and would get excited at the prospect of eating it’. – Kate and Phoebe 6 months.



‘Sophia (6 months) really enjoyed every flavour, in particular apple and strawberry! She thought the pouches we great fun to hold herself’.

LBP: Would you recommend them to other parents? ‘Yes definitely !!!’ – Laura and Sophia 5 months.


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