Help Little Ones Sip with the NEW OXO Tot’s Transitions Range

OXO Tot has created a versatile and practical NEW Transitions range, offering a cup to cover all bases. Whatever your child’s stage or preference, the Transitions range means your little ones will be well on the way to their first sip.

Created in collaboration with a leading US speech language pathologist and paediatric dentist, the Transitions collection has been thoughtfully developed to create spouts that perfectly fit your baby’s palate, supporting the growth and development of tots as they transition through their early years.

Introduced as OXO Tot’s new and improved sippy cup range, Transitions is set to help tots switch from bottle or breastfeeding to sipping with ease. The interchangeable parts of each product mean you can customise each cup to find the perfect fit for your tot; handles or no handles, soft or hard spout.

Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set This cleverly designed sippy cup will grow with your child from 4 months to 12 months, as it transitions into a big kid cup. The sippy cup comes with removable handles, so when your tot is ready to grasp the bottle they can get a comfortable grip. Once your little one is ready to drink without the aid of the spout, the lids can be switched to transform the bottle into a training cup. A clear disk covers the opening to dispense a steady flow of liquid, teaching your tot how far they should tip the cup. When they reach the final stage, the disk can be removed to transform into an open cup trainer, allowing them to drink like a big kid.

Hard Spout Sippy Cup Set Raspberry

Also available with a hard spout. 175ml capacity. RRP £10.50

Transitions Straw Cup 200ml with Removable Handles (4 months+) As with the Soft Spout Sippy Cup the straw valve opens as soon as your tot’s lips touch the spout for easy drinking, and the hinged cap closes to form a leakproof seal. The removable handles provide a comfortable grip for little ones, and the cap and straw are removable for easy cleaning.

Straw Cup Green

Suitable for 4-6 months. RRP £7.50

Transitions Open Cup Trainer When your tot is ready to drink like a big kid, the transition is made easy with the Open Cup Trainer. It features a disk with two settings to slow or speed up the flow of liquid, teaching tot how far tip the cup. The disk can be removed when it’s time to use as an open cup.

Open Cup Trainer Raspberry

Features a 250ml capacity, and is suitable for 12 months+. RRP £7.00

Each cup is available in three vibrant shades of Aqua, Raspberry and Green

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