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Help stop the spread of colds this winter with our latest generation of thermometers

We all know that winter can be tough for both children and yourselves, with the winter months being notorious for being the worst time of year for catching a cold or the flu. However, we’re on hand to give you a helping hand to try and stop the spread of nasty coughs and sniffles amongst your family with our range of high precision thermometers.

As a parent, we know that when one of our little ones catches a cold, it quickly spreads to brothers or sisters or even ourselves. It’s important that everyone tries to limit the spread of cold and flu by making sure they try and stay healthy – you can read more about that here – as well as using our thermometers, both of which have cutting-edge features which help to limit the spread of the cold and flu viruses.

ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision®

Featuring our new BPA and latex-free disposable hygienic probe covers, the ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer is designed so that you can easily switch between members of your family, helping to maintaining high levels of hygiene and avoid cross contamination.

All you have to do is replace the probe cover and add a new one for each reading and new member of the family. They can be bought separately in boxes of 40 probe covers and are suitable for use on all the ThermoScan® ear thermometers.

The ThermoScan® 7 ear thermometer also has many other features such as Age Precision® technology – an age adjustable fever guidance and pre-warmed tip, which you can find out more about in our ThermoScan® 7 article.

No touch + forehead thermometer

As the only thermometer to offer both ‘touch’ and ‘no touch’ technology, our No touch + forehead thermometer offers clinically proven accuracy and is suitable for your whole family. Depending on which mode works best for you and your little one, the thermometer can either be placed directly on your child’s forehead in ‘touch’ mode or you can hold it up to 5cm away in ‘no touch’ mode – perfect for helping you to keep infections at bay when using the thermometer on the whole family.

With a special proximity sensor it helps you to guide the thermometer onto your child’s forehead at the correct distance of up to 5cm away.

If you’d like to find out more about the No touch + forehead thermometer, you can read our article on all its features here.

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