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Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker

Name: Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker
Price: £199.99


First impressions: It was easy to assemble and I was immediately intrigued by the LCD screen and basket inside.

The Tea Maker is sleek in design and would look at home in any kitchen. I couldn’t wait to find out whether this machine would actually fulfil it’s claims of  being able to make  ‘The Perfect Cup Of Tea’ and as a big tea lover, was eager to test out the five different types of tea it can make.


Functionality: The detachable 1.5l jug is made of clear, strong glass and it has a smooth handle for pouring. It is not particularly heavy and easy to open and fill with water.This maker can make five different types of tea, black, white, green, herbal and oolong. It has been so cleverly designed that you can set it to make a mild, medium or strong cup of tea. The tea basket inside is simple to attach and detach. The basket rises and lowers down into the water, producing a perfectly programmed cup of tea.

It was very simple to use. I just plugged it in, filled the jug with water, spooned two teaspoons of tea leaves into the basket, programmed it by pressing the buttons and a few minutes later, my tea was ready to drink.I was also amazed that by pressing the keep warm button, the tea maker kept my brew warm for a further hour which meant I could easily refill my mug at my own leisure.


Use: This has to be my favorite kitchen product I have tried all year. It is very cleverly designed and easy to use. I love the fact that at a press of a button, it makes a delicious cup of tea that is ready to drink at just the right temperature. I wondered if the price tag would have initially put me off but I don’t mind paying for quality and whilst a kettle boils hot water, this does so much more. It delivers a perfect cup of tea which will make you smile at any time of day.

A very well deserved 10/10 from the Lovedbyparents team.



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