How do you have a marriage alongside being a parent?

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I was just wondering.. I think having kids is the ultimate test of any relationship/marriage. How do you have a marriage alongside being a parent? Our children are growing now, (aged 2,5,9,15) and I notice my husband and I disagreeing more than ever. I wouldn’t change our family but it’s so much hard work at times. I’m not resentful but I just find it hard at times. Bring back the baby days for them all! How do others keep that spark alive through it all??? thanks x

‘ I have the same troubles with my husband, we’ve made a commitment to go on a date once a month. Not necessarily going out for a formal dinner each time but just time away where it’s just the two of us.’

‘It must be difficult with 4 children to have time for each other. I guess you go through good and bad spells. It’s hard to be in the same place at the same time and then not be tired ‘

‘High five to this. My husband and I have been together for nearly 15 years, married for nearly 11. I met him at 16. We have 6 children under 10. I’m 25 weeks pregnant with number 7. Anyone who says it’s easy is lying! It is incredibly difficult. But we are a team, this is the life we choose. I’ve found as we have got older, we are better, more understanding, more laid back and actually I’ve fallen in love so much more watching him grow and be such an incredible dad. He works so hard for all of us. We don’t have any time to ourselves, except on an evening when he’s finished work which is 10 PM onwards… we are strong, not invincible but strong.’

‘Palm them off on relatives once a month and have a night alone. Try not to argue on that night too, that’s the killer.’

‘Me and my husband find it easier as they get older, we are both morally the same and talk out our issues as a couple ours are 10/11/15.’

‘ We have children all across the board from 2-20 and what I have learnt is to not disagree infront of the children. I always say, I’ll check with dad and we will discuss. I’ve got to say, even after all of these years we don’t see eye to eye because we are different people and what one will tolerate, another will not but we try to find a middle ground and pick our battles. We make time without our phones in the evening and have to remind each other every week or go out for dinner once a month even if it’s for 2hrs. It’s reminding each other where the root of our family comes from xx goodluck, you are not alone I promise.’

‘We just had our third 5 weeks ago. But one night a week when the older two are in bed we get a take away and put a film on. Then take it in turns at the weekend for me time (so a nap ?). It works for us.’

‘It’s always going to be hard but as long as you both still want to make things work you’ll always find a way xx’

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