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How to make the most from Braun’s no touch + forehead thermometer when taking your child’s temperature (NFT3000)

Including both ‘touch’ and ‘no touch’ technology, Braun’s No touch + forehead thermometer is the first of its kind in the UK. Clinically tested to prove both its accuracy and reliability when used correctly, Braun’s No touch thermometer can help parents monitor their little ones temperature without waking them from their sleep.

Just like all other non-invasive technologies, the thermometer can have certain limitations due to how the body functions so we’ve put together a simple list of dos and don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your no touch thermometer.

Do make sure external factors aren’t interfering with the temperature on your child’s skin. 

Keep children indoors 30 minutes before taking a reading and allow the thermometer to sit in the room for 10 minutes beforehand to make sure it is at room temperature.

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Do make sure the forehead is clear and clean.

Wipe away any dirt, sweat or even your child’s fringe away from the forehead at least 10 minutes you use the thermometer. This will help prevent a false reading by limiting factors that could intervene such as the warming or cooling of the forehead. This also includes removing any headwear 10 minutes before a readying too!

Do keep hands steady when taking the temperature.

The skin temperature on the forehead can differ dramatically depending on the location of the forehead. Hold the thermometer 5cms away from the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows and keep your hands steady. Movement from both hands and the forehand can impact on reading accuracy.

Don’t use the ‘no touch’ function when reading your own temperature.

It is recommended that when taking your own temperature you should switch to the ‘touch’ mode. This allows for better control and positioning, giving a more accurate and reliable reading.

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