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I am 36 weeks pregnant and measuring ‘big’.

The belly of a pregnant woman

A reader asks: I am 36 weeks pregnant and measuring ‘big’. Now the birth is fast approaching, I am worried about how it’s going to come out! It doesn’t seem to matter how many things I read, I am so scared and worried about the birth. Can anyone offer any reassurance? is it really that bad? I wish our midwife would stop using the word ‘big’ I feel like I am going to have to push out a watermelon! thanks x


  1. Take what your midwife says in regards to the size of your baby with a pinch of salt. I measured 3 weeks ahead with both my babies for the last part of my pregnancy and both came out a healthy 8lb 6oz and 8lb 7oz. You don’t know and neither do they how big your baby will be until they are flying out and being weighed! 
  2. I was huge Mine was 9lb 15oz, got induced & had an assist ventouse delivery with being induced in a few hours all on gas & air & was home 12 hours later. Don’t be scared just go with the flow & what you are comfortable with. I loved my labor and would rather much go through that again than be pregnant as I had an awful pregnancy due to severe sickness & SPD. The labor was the easy bit for me as it was over in a matter of hours but I know others aren’t as lucky so only advice from me is don’t worry, go with the flow good luck x
  3. I was measuring “big” from 30 weeks, I was petrified for labor, I’m a wimp and I think I handled it okay, the worse thing you could do is panic when it starts, stay as calm as possible, breath through the contractions and you will find your own way to cope with them. I had an 8lb 5oz boy & when the midwife came after she said she was expecting a 9/10lb baby, you can never guess by the size of bump how big the baby is gonna be, even growth scans aren’t accurate. Also, if it is a big one, they say the bigger they are the easier to give birth to.
  4. I’ve only given birth once, and my daughter was 9lb. I don’t think the size really matters, although I don’t have anything to compare it to! She was the biggest baby born that day in the hospital. I am now expecting my second and they say your second is usually bigger. This doesn’t bother me at all. Your body is an amazing thing and can handle so much.
    All the best with your birth x
  5. I was measuring ‘big’ the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My midwife estimated baby would be pushing 10lb and with 11lb+ babies in my family, that made sense. I was a bit scared but had faith that my body could do what was necessary to get my monster baby out safely! Turned out she was actually only 8lb 1oz and the birth was fine! They aren’t right vey often when they estimate a baby as being big!
  6. It is only an estimate, big babies are easier to birth-my first they said she was 7lbs 7-next day she was born at 9lbs 4, my second was a week early and they thought 9lbs but he was 8lbs 2, third measured big all along and was 10 days late at 10lbs……second two I has gas and no stitches-very easy and enjoyable births! Dont worry about size, most only carry the weight they can birth-trust your body and it will be easier! I waddled out of hospital just a few hours after my 10lber! smile emoticon Good luck! x
  7. I am 36 weeks on Wednesday. was measuring 2 weeks over now just 1. I have had a 9lb 3 baby before and just think they are easier to push out. I had him an hour after I got to hospital with no pain relief. Just think they have to come out big or small!! 
  8. Take what they say with a huge pinch of salt, even scans aren’t very accurate. My first was small, they said she would probably need neo-natal care as they thought she would be around the 4lb mark, she was small but 5lb15oz and healthy! Then my second was going to be average but he was 9lb2oz. Both births were fairly quick, 4 hrs 22 mins for my first, 8 hrs 14 mins for my second. Admittedly my bigger baby was more awkward but once I found the best position to push he was soon out! Don’t worry about it, I know that’s easier said than done but any pain will be totally worth it in the end and it’ll soon be a distant memory. If birth was that bad, none of us would have siblings. 
  9. I had a ‘big’ baby, had to be induced and had a brilliant birth!! Couldn’t of asked for a better or smoother birth if I’m honest. My son is 3 weeks old now and labour definitely hasn’t put me off. He weighed 8lbs 13.5oz! I already can’t wait to have another. Labour isn’t as bad as some women make out honestly, I found the hardest bit was after giving birth! Don’t worry you’ll be fine!! X
  10. I started to get very panicky the closer I got to having my son. When it was time to go to hospital I even had a little cry because I was so overwhelmed and unsure what to expect! In the end I was sent home and then it all happened very quick and I was back up there and he was out. I wasn’t scared at all I had no pain relief, brilliant midwives and would do it all again tomorrow xx

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