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‘I am the best mother I can be’: Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton hits back at Katie Hopkins’ cruel jibes about having four children by four different fathers

Pop star Natasha Hamilton has hit back at Katie Hopkins for making a cruel jibe about the fact that she has four children by four men, claiming she is an ‘astounding mother’.

The acid-tongued reality star made the dig towards Natasha on social media last week, ahead of Father’s Day, when she tweeted: ‘For Katie Price and Natasha Hamilton’s kids, making Father’s Day cards is a confusing time. *label those chuffing envelopes kiddos*.’

The comments followed an interview with Natasha in The Mirror last week, where she spoke about her tumultuous love life and revealed that she hoped her current fiance was The One.


But after Katie’s comments, Natasha has taken to her blog on BabyCentre in response, asserting that she wouldn’t change her family for the world. 

She said: ‘The situation is what it is – I have four children to four dads.

‘I could start giving you (very real) excuses and defend myself, but I won’t. I do not need to. 

‘I am the best mother I can be and I am proud of that! 

‘When the people who judge and brand me with the oh-so-witty ‘4×4′ label put food on my table, clean, clothe and protect my family as I have done consistently for the last 13 years, then I will pay attention to them.

‘It has taken me a long time to accept that I have nothing to be embarrassed about.’

While she is now happy with her living situation, there was a time when Natasha wasn’t so confident about her life choices.  

She said: ‘I always thought, as we’re led to be believe, that I would have a happy ever after but that’s just not how it worked out. For most people in the UK, its not turned out like for them either.’ 

‘As much as we will a situation to be one way, it doesn’t always make it so. That’s life! But why all the judging?’

But aside from her own feelings about the jibes from Ms Hopkins, Natasha was most concerned about the effect they would have on her children. 

She said: ‘How do you think your tweet makes my children feel, Katie? Especially when one of them is a teenager whose friends are on social media?

‘You must be proud that you set the example that it is acceptable to take a well-aimed swipe at children who have no control over the circumstances they are born in to.

‘Are you capable of imagining how that would make them feel? Do you even care? Or does being centre of attention mean that much to you that you have stooped to inciting mockery of children?’

Natasha also addressed any suggestions that being a mother of four children by four different fathers made her any less of a mother. 

She added: ‘Like any mother, all I hope for is the ability to physically and mentally provide for my family, be the best mum possible and pray they will be happy and healthy.

‘Each one of my four children are wondrous human beings that I have been lucky enough to conceive.’ 


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