I’m due to have an elective C-section next week. Baby has been breech for the whole pregnancy…

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A reader asks: I’m due to have an elective C-section next week. Baby has been breech for the whole pregnancy, but I’m quite sure he’s moving to engaged and back to breech again. If he is head down when I go in would they send me home? I want the c section and being sent home would really upset me. What do you think? Has anyone had this happen to them? thanks .


  1. Personally, after having 2 c sections, I would do anything to have a natural birth. C sections are a major operation and recovery takes much longer than you hope! You need so much help and support when home as just getting out of bed is a massive hurdle!
    – Agree! I’ve had 2 C-sections, I want a natural birth this time, it’s not so bad having the c section, it’s the recovery afterwards when pain meds wear off, very painful and u can barely move! It’s not nice ☹
    – I had a C-section and didn’t find it too bad.. I was tidying my cubicle the day after. And then hoovering at home. I didn’t take meds as I didn’t want them affecting my breastmilk. I’m so desperate for a natural birth next time tho. I want to cuddle my baby ASAP.

2. I had 2 breach presentations and delivered by c section both absolutely fine and my 3rd pregnancy they advised I couldn’t have a natural birth as the risk of bleeding was too high so I delivered by c section 4 weeks ago. It is a major operation however do what you can I have been able to do most things as I have a 5 and a nearly 3 year old I have to. I was driving after 3 weeks. I coped well but do what you can’t. They won’t send you home you are booked for section and if that’s what you have opted for you will get it. Good luck x

3. My son was breech all the through too so I also had to have a c-section. As I didn’t really want the c-section, the doctors told me that they would do an ultrasound before I went to theatre and if he was engaged they would send me home. But I think that was because I would have rather had another natural birth. I think it might depend on the hospital but in my opinion if you are booked in anyway and would like the c-section they would do it anyway. Hope all goes well for you. X

4. My little boy was an unstable lay. He just kept spinning round. A lot of the time he was transverse so I was in hospital for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. I was booking in for a c-section. I wanted a natural birth but every time they checked his position he’d changed again so went ahead with the c-section. It was so chilled out. The only thing I that I found difficult was not driving for so long n already having small children to look after. Just tell them your concerns n they can explain what will happen in either case. Hope all goes well xx

5. I had a c section with my first and a natural a few days ago. I found recovery so much easier after a natural birth. If baby is right way round discuss the reasons why you want a section with the doctors and they may be able to put your mind at rest. 

6. I was born breech, bum first with my feet behind my ears! Natural birth. Delivering a breech naturally would have been fine with me, but my daughter turned, I had a fab low tech pool birth at a midwife led unit. I’ve had a section before and though all went fine, would always opt for natural myself as the recovery is so much quicker for most. Whatever happens, I hope you have a lovely delivery, healthy baby, and smooth recovery x

7. My 5 th baby couldn’t make his mind up, he was breach then head down, and vice versa. At 38 weeks he was again breech, and I was booked in at 39 weeks for c section. I was scanned before theatre and he was head down again. They gave me a choice to have the section or go home, but advised the section as he obviously w moving around as he pleased, and was far safer than my waters breaking and ending up breech anyway, so opted for the section as planned. I had 4 natural deliveries beforehand, but recovered very quickly from the section, good luck

8. I had this too, my baby was breech and it took two midwifes to try and turn her but she wouldn’t budge lol, then I was booked in to have c section, I was in the apron and partner in the overalls all ready for the c section lol I then had a scan and she was engaged so they said they would induce me on that day, and she arrived naturally. Xx

9. This happened to me lol, baby was breech all the way through my pregnancy, went in on the morning of the section, had the scan and baby had turned. After being examined, baby wasn’t engaged so was given the option of going home and waiting a week or going through with the section. We went through with the section and had a 11lb 4.5 Oz baby girl.

10. Yup this happened to me. My baby turned head down the morning of my c section (discovered about 5 minutes before going down to theatre!). We were sent home to wait for labour to start. I was gutted at the time but it’s better to have a natural delivery if you can so it all worked out OK in the end.

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