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Introducing Age Precision® technology – helping you to tackle fever phobia

Almost 40% of parents aren’t aware that the definition of fever changes with age(1). A significant percentage of the UK population are unaware that the definition of fever changes with age – what can be acceptable temperature for a four-year-old can be classed as a high fever in a newborn. This often leads to parents misinterpreting a temperature reading, either believing that their child isn’t suffering from a fever or believing that they have a fever when they don’t.

So we’ve set about developing a piece of technology that takes the guesswork out of monitoring your child’s temperature. It’s called Age Precision®.

So what exactly is Age Precision® technology? Age Precision® is an age adjustable fever guidance system that is designed to take the guesswork out of monitoring your little one’s temperature. It enables you to set the age of your child (0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36 months to adult) so you can interpret the reading quickly, accurately and easily based on the age, using a simple colour coded display. Green is a normal temperature, yellow indicates an elevated temperature and red suggests a high temperature.

As the UK’s most popular way to measure a sick child’s temperature, the in-ear thermometer remains the go-to for parents. Because of this Braun has combined their Age Precision® technology into the ThermoScan® 7 Ear Thermometer.

(1) Survey of 1021 parents found that 39% of parents didn’t know the definition of fever changed based on their child’s age, May 2015 in the UK by Research Now.

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So what exactly is fever phobia?