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Jack Robinson’s Mum Thanks Gary Barlow

Gary Visits Jack Robinson in Hospital

The mother of Jack Robinson has thanked pop star Gary Barlow for visiting her poorly son in hospital.

But the biggest thing Gary Barlow did was to put a massive smile on the four-year-old’s face.

Jack, a pupil at Denmead Infant School, is a fan of the Take That frontman and X Factor judge. It was his dream to meet the singer, and yesterday that came true.

Gary spent about 45 minutes with Jack, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last month, in Southampton General Hospital.

Jack’s twin brother Liam, his three sisters, and his parents, all enjoyed chatting with the celebrity, and had their picture taken with him.

Gary said: ‘For me this is one of the best things you can do – spend time with people.

‘Jack has an inspirational story.

‘I know he loves my music, which was surprising for someone so young.

‘But it’s always the mums who are into it, so maybe that’s what it is.

‘He’s such a great little boy, and I have been looking forward to this visit all week.

‘Jack has some lovely brothers and sisters to look after him.

‘I hope he’s safe and taken care of here.’

As reported in The News, Jack has only been given only a five per cent chance of survival.

Since Jack’s diagnosis, his parents Marie, 41, and Terence, 47, along with sisters Danielle, 21, Christina, 18, Natalie, 14, and identical twin brother Liam, of Bere Road, Denmead, want to make Jack’s dreams come true.

Scores of messages were sent to Gary via Twitter, asking him to make Jack’s wish come true.

But the family never thought he would visit.

However, Gary tweeted ‘I’m on it’ back to a family friend, and that’s when the wheels were set in motion for the visit.

Mr Robinson said: ‘Jack is a massive Gary Barlow fan, and his jaw just dropped when he walked in.

‘Jack loves watching The X Factor and is always singing Gary’s song Let Me Go.

‘At his birthday party on Saturday, that was the only song he was singing along with and we recorded it.

‘Jack had a big smile on his face, when he saw Gary, it was just so wonderful.

‘He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

‘Jack knew he was going to get a visit from Gary, but he didn’t know when, so the visit was a surprise.

‘And it was a lovely surprise, which really brightened his day up.’

The family have been keeping a diary of Jack’s stay in hospital, alongside all the events and activities.

This diary was signed by Gary.

Jack’s identical twin brother Liam, is also a fan of the pop star.

Mr Robinson added: ‘Liam has his own little dance moves to the songs. He does like One Direction as well, but was so pleased to meet Gary.

‘We are so surprised at how big this has all become.

‘It’s all just exploded and become massive.

‘We are so grateful for everyone’s support, people have just been so brilliant, and it has really touched our hearts.’

Jack’s mother Marie has been by his bedside, since he was admitted to hospital.

She said: ‘I do really like Take That, and play their albums. It was a wonderful treat for Jack, and a memory for us to have.’


Source: The Portsmouth News

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