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Johnsons Cotton Touch

The new Johnsons Cotton TouchTM range has been designed for newborns. Lovedbyparents visited the laboratories in Paris to find out more about the range, learn about the story behind the brand and what it has to offer families.

Johnson’s Cotton Touch 2-in-1 Bath & Wash

The new range covers products from newborn to toddlers but we have heard that they are a firm favourite with mums and dads too.  Made with real cotton the formula is perfectly pH-balanced for newborn skin and is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates & Dyes. With over 125 years experience Johnsons recognise that the modern day parent seeks products that are chemical free.

Johnsons have worked with thousands of parents to create the new range of products. Over 400 ingredients were completely rejected during the reformulation to make them gentler, hypoallergenic and they are now made with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients. The remaining 10% percentage of the formula that is not naturally derived consists of ingredients that are necessary to ensure the efficacy and stability of the formula, as well as its texture and fragrance over time.

The ultra light formula smells amazing and is ultra light in an almost fluffy way that gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling ever so moist in a gentle way.

Johnsons have used revolutionary technology to create the Cotton TouchTM range and it is truly fascinating to learn about the science behind the new range which has been clinically tested by Paediatricians and dermatologists proving ideal for newborns with a real Cotton TouchTM.

Did you know: Johnson & Johnson Ltd has been an Alliance Partner with the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) since 2004, and is proud to support midwives in their work to care for mothers and newborn babies. Together, JOHNSON’S® and the RCM have developed information to help pregnant women and new families. 

As a result of this Alliance Partnership, certain JOHNSON’S® products now have a ‘Supported by RCM’ logo on pack. The RCM believes that the research and science behind the JOHNSON’S® products which have the RCM logo is strong and evidence-based, although the RCM does not endorse any specific products or brands.

JOHNSON’S® baby skincare products have been specifically formulated for baby’s delicate skin, and robustly tested to ensure they are mild, gentle and effective. As a result, the RCM has chosen to support specific JOHNSON’S® products so parents can feel confident in choosing to use JOHNSON’S® products for their baby, if they choose to do so.

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