Joie’s guide to picking the perfect car seat!

Car Seat groups explained:

  • Group 0+: For babies from birth to around 13kg
  • Group 1: Toddlers weighing 9-18kg
  • Group 2: Children weighing 15-25kg
  • Group 3: Children weighing 22-36kg

Types of installation: Child car seats can be installed using either the car seatbelt or ISOFIX connection – both can be simple to use but you must make sure the seat is installed correctly. We recommend checking the vehicle-fitting list for each car seat and also visiting a local retailer to have a trial fitting of your seat before buying to ensure it fits securely and safely in your car.

ISOFIX is generally classed as the safest and easiest option when it comes to car seat installation, as belt fitting requires you to be more careful when installing to avoid problems.


The seat you choose must conform to either the ECE R44.04 regulation or the new i-size regulation, R129.

i-Size seats use your child’s height as the main measurement and also require your seat to be used rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old.

ECE R44 seats are dependent on your child’s weight rather than height


Most importantly you should never buy a second hand child car seat – you often won’t know the history of the seat; it may have been involved in an accident or crash that could have weakened the seat, or general wear and tear that might have an impact on future safety.

Take a look at some of our car seats:

  • Joie spin 360™ [Group 0+/1] – a 360º spinning seat that turns all around for accessible child harnessing and effortless rearward-to-forward transitioning. With a small, streamlined and secure base that is rebound bar free, the spin 360™ is one of the smallest spinning safety seats available!
  • Joie every stage™ fx [Group 0+/1/2/3] – an every group isofix car seat starting as a rearward facing seat from birth to 18kg, and converting to a forward facing seat from 9-36kg! This seat transforms to fit as your child grows – as the headrest adjusts up AutoAdjust™ side wings expand to custom fit growing little ones all the way up to the tallest of 12-year-olds.
  • Joie stages™ isofix [Group 0+/1/2] – a super safe car seat with side impact certification, rearward-facing longer usage, new test dummy technology, isofix-only installation and a better fit formula for peace of mind you can count on – an ECE R44 seat that has been tested above and beyond using R129 criteria for ultimate safety!
  • Joie i-Level™ [Group 0+] – Joie’s first lie-flat infant carrier, and even meets the new i-size R129 criteria! A lie flat lounger when strolling this car seat cleverly converts in an instant from infant car seat to cuddly carrycot. With the best recline available for the best position possible, this infant carrier reclines to a cosy 157° angle!
  • Joie bold™ [Group 1/2/3] – is 3 seats in 1, accommodating little ones from 9kg all the way up to an extended 25kg using the 5-point harness, and converts to a belted booster from 15-36kg! With a Grow Together™ headrest and harness system that adjusts simultaneously and requires no re-threading of harness.

Meet pact and pact lite, Joie’s most lightweight strollers!

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