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A reader asks: We have a 3-year-old son, and I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant. I always feel more tired and perhaps a bit more sensitive during pregnancy, but I feel like everything is changing. My husband keeps working late so he can take more time off once the baby is here but I feel so alone. I don’t know anyone else that is pregnant and my family doesn’t live close by. Has anyone else felt this way? Thanks x



1.I’m 28 weeks pregnant and feel your pain. We live abroad so have no family around to help look after my son (2) it’s exhausting and my husband has been really busy at work… A friend has assured me that once baby is here, although you’ll still feel tired, it’s a different type of tired easier to cope with!! Xx

2. Hey! I am 27 weeks pregnant with a 3 yr old at home (I also work with children) so no rest from them for me! My husband is a chef and leaves the house at 9am and returns anytime between 10pm-midnight. I feel totally exhausted and have spent most of this pregnancy worrying about how on earth I will manage 2 of them. I guess once they are here everything will fall into place. You will have plenty of time to enjoy it with your husband once baby is here and you can join baby groups to combat the loneliness.

3. You’re not alone. I have a 2.5 year old and newborn. Most days, it takes all my energy to just get out of bed. My partner usually goes to work between 6-7am and doesn’t come back until 10-11pm. I usually just stay home alone with the kiddos all day since it’s too difficult taking them both out. No advice, just solidarity.

4. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way but, you are not alone. Have you been to ante natal classes? Or perhaps some NCT ones where you can meet other people going through the same things? Being pregnant can be very lonely and scary as no one else can really experience it with you but, there are other people you can talk to. Even if you don’t know any other pregnant people maybe a good friend would still listen and give you a much needed hug? My best friend doesn’t want children but, she was there for me through both my pregnancies. I hope you feel better soon. Do try to tell someone how you feel, even that will make you feel better, I am sure. Xx

5. You’re not alone. I have a 5 yr olds and 1 2.5 yr old and remember the tiredness in my second pregnancy being much worse than the first 9mainy, I think, but I couldn’t just rest when I had a toddler). It is tough when the new one first comes along, but I found other mums of two at baby groups who were going through the same thing and where we managed to laugh over chasing a toddler whilst trying to maintain the ‘latch’ of a breastfeeding babe! I;d say start looking into groups you might go with little one and also know that the tough times do pass. My two now really play together and love things like movie afternoons on a Sunday where they will sit together with a little bag of treats on the sofa, having a cuddle and watching a film – and I get sneakily get a whole load to stuff done!

6. Can’t say I feel same but I’m 28 weeks preg and have a 3year old boy also and I’m always tired! (I have 3 older girls as well aged 8,7,6) just think of all the time your husband will have with you after the baby.

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