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Just Like That You Changed Everything

Dear Sebastian,

It feels funny writing a letter to you and not addressing you as baby bud anymore as after nine months you are here and have a name of your own. Lots of parents have names picked out before they are even pregnant but your dad and I really struggled with ideas. We decided to just wait and see what you looked like and It worked really well. You were nearly a Theo but after 24hrs of going through the name dictionary and testing out a ridiculous amount of names in different voices, we chose Sebastian and now we couldn’t imagine you being called anything else.

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After spending 9 months wondering what you were going to be like, who’s eyes and hair colour you would have we still can’t believe you are here. I can’t believe how quickly the last 8 weeks have passed and how much joy you have brought us all. You spend most of the day feeding and sleeping but we have wonderful, playful moments where you are awake and make our hearts melt with your beautiful smile and giggles. Your sisters fuss over you, calling you Sebby Webby and have even managed to sing you to sleep.

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You are growing so quickly and are already starting to look like a little boy. You have gorgeous thick black curly hair and bright blue eyes. Just like your daddy. You love your Babybjorn Bouncy chair and holding hands when you are feeding. I love how your such a snuggly baby and I wish I had reminded myself at the beginning that after the initial tiredness you do get used to it and you just find a way of muddling through each day.

We are definitely trying to savour every moment with you as we know that you can’t freeze time and before we know it, you won’t want to be picked up all the time and we will be running around after you.

You sleep next to me in your Snuz Pod and after it has won so many Lovedbyparents Awards, it has been great to use one with you. It is beautifully made and it stands independently next to our bed.  With a mesh side,  I lay and watch you as you sleep and smile, wondering if you are having lovely little baby dreams.

You have a Sleepyhead dream pod inside and it is such a fantastic invention. With raised sides, I think it provides you with so much comfort and you sleep so well inside. We have just ordered the next size up for when you move into your cot.

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It has been wonderful to see your big sisters and brother with you. They absolutely adore you and just love spending time with you. I love listening to them tell you about all the exciting things you are going to do together and how much fun you will have. You coo happily and really bang your little legs up and down with glee.

With years of experience as a parent, you learn that it’s the moments you spend together making memories as a family that count. Thank you for coming into our lives and filling a space that we never knew was empty.


Lots of love,


Mummy xx

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