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KidKraft City Explorer’s 90 Piece Train Set and Table

Name of Product: KidKraft City Explorer’s 90 Piece Train Set and Table (3+ Years)

RRP: £124.99

How many children do you have and how old are they?

1 x boy, aged 2yrs 1month (Will)

1 x boy on the way!

First Impressions:

A really solid table with plentiful track and accessories which give it a real ‘wow-factor’.  It really is impressive and looks like something a shop would have out on display – the one you have to drag your child away from kicking and screaming.

How long did it take to build?

It took us about an hour and a half with the ‘assistance’ of Will.


Were the instructions easy to follow?

The instructions for the table itself were the easiest instructions in the world to follow – other flat pack manufacturers could definitely take a leaf out of their book!  All of the tools were supplied with the exception of a screwdriver.

The instructions for the track layout were a bit less easy to follow, but ok in combination with a photo of the finished product (I found one on the internet) – it would have been helpful for this photo to have been included with instructions, which would be our only criticism here.

Which is your favourite part?

The variety is quite possibly the best part of this set.  To be honest, we don’t really see this as a train track table, as we’re pretty sure Will has never pushed the train all the way around the track in one go;  he constantly gets distracted by playing with the crane, or re arranging the cones, or flying the plane across the room or landing a helicopter on my head.

IMG_20141030_083614 (1)

Would you recommend it to other parents/children?

Without a doubt we would recommend this to anyone who has a child or children who likes trains / anything on a track.  We love that this is an all-inclusive set; you get everything you need in one go and don’t need to buy anything to ‘complete’ it.  It’s great that it’s all ‘contained’ on a table (our previous track was on the floor).  In fact, I’ve already pointed one friend in the direction of the table on amazon!

IMG_20141030_083802 (1)

Is it worth the RRP?

At £125, without a doubt this is worth the money.  Initially you think it’s quite a lot for one ‘toy’, but what you get and the variety really is worth it.  We’ve previously brought ‘track packs’ on their own at about £25 a go, so comparatively it really is very good value.  When your kids grow out of the tracks, you could easily make use of the table on its own for whatever they are into.

Having said that I’ve had a good look on the internet and can’t find it at the RRP of £125 outside of Ebay, it seems to typically sell at about £160.  We would say that it’s worth £150, but are not quite sure at the £160 price point.

Does it teach children anything? co ordination? sharing? counting etc?

Yes, this teaches co-ordination and sharing.  It’s also good for dexterity and you can also use it to assist with counting, colour identification etc.


What is your final feedback?

We would never have considered a ‘train’ track table before (we always considered it to be a ‘nursery / shop demo / doctors waiting room’ thing) but it really is amazing and puts all the other tables we’ve come across to shame! 

The table is beautifully sturdy and without a doubt will last many years, the tracks are on three levels and there are plenty of slopes for driving trains up or shooting them down (always a winner).  Will has spent AGES walking around the table pushing various vehicles, so I’m guessing he’s clocked up some miles – haha!

For die-hard wooden train set fans, you might be disappointed to find that some of the parts e.g. supports, crane, bridges and some accessories are plastic.  This was probably to keep the manufacture costs down, but the track is wooden as are the trains.

I’ve read that with a bit of imagination, you can reconfigure the track into other arrangements – so there’s a wet days activity for us to trial in the future!  I have tested and found that the track is also compatible with our Bigjigs track and the oddments of Brio which we have, so this will give us even more options!

The only major problem I have found is that the table acts like a roundabout for a small boy who doesn’t want to get dressed in the morning – although I think the number of laps I have to chase him round it is slowly decreasing!


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