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Kit for Kids

Kit for Kids Baby is a market leading cot mattress supplier working with retailers in the UK and worldwide. As a multi award winning manufacturer the Kit for Kids brand has become synonymous with innovation, uncompromising quality and above all safety.

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We interviewed Kit for Kids to find out more about their range of mattresses and what is important to look for when buying a mattress for your little one.

What do parents need to consider when purchasing a mattress and what should parents look for.

When choosing a mattress for your child remember you are not buying it for an adult. While all mattresses should be comfortable the primary difference between a child’s mattress and an adults is that a cot mattress should be focused on safety where as an adult mattress is sold on aesthetics. When you come to buy a cot mattress you need to remember that it is the things that aren’t visible that are so much more harmful for the child. Therefore a mattress where there is some barrier to prevent the core becoming contaminated such as a water repellent barrier is preferable. A cover which is removable and can be washed at sixty degrees centigrade is, in our view, essential. Even better, look for a mattress that actively combats microbes such as the house dust mite and other pathogens which are thought to be potentially harmful for the child

Why is this so important

At Kit for Kids we believe the cot should be an ‘Island of Safety’. It is the one time you leave your child on its own and you rightly expect your child to be safe. However the common house dust mite can invade a cot mattress in their millions. Each can lay up to 200 eggs in its lifetime and each produces 2,000 faecal particles. Within these particles are the digestive enzyme that causes the most common of all allergic reactions including allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. The problem for the child is that it is spending the most time of all its life on a mattress just at a time when it is most vulnerable. The sensitivity to the house dust mite allergen builds up over time and the symptoms may not manifest themselves until the child is older. However the damage has already been done. Combating this uninvited guest creates a better, safer environment for the young child.

But it’s not just the dust mite allergen which is of concern. Two forms of bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli have been cited as possible causes of cot death. Research is still ongoing in this respect but a mattress which can prevent such bacteria from growing is inevitably a welcome addition to our Island of Safety.

What is the Ellergenic range of mattresses and what makes them so different.

The principle behind Ellergenics is safety in all its forms. It protects night and day against the allergens and microbes that might cause harm to the child. The Ellergenic mattress has two covers. The inner cover, the Ellergenic Shield seals the core of the mattress so that nothing can get into the core and contaminate it and where microbes might otherwise hide and nothing can get out. However the Shield is made of a high performance fabric which is vapour permeable and thus reduces the effects of perspiration making for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Ellergenics Layered Diagram 776

The outer cover, the Ellergenic Wellbeing Exterior, is made of a three dimensional double knit which aids airflow around the body. This cover is removable and washable at sixty degrees centigrade. When the outer cover is in the wash the mattress can still be safely used with just the Ellergenic Shield. To help the parent the Wellbeing Exterior is easily removable and replaceable. No more struggling at two in the morning with a cover.

As a result of our success against the house dust mire the Ellergenic Mattress is the first cot mattress to be awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

Are there any dangers associated with buying any simple mattress

If we accept that safety is the principle concern of a cot mattress then the potential issue with buying a simple mattress is that it will not necessarily have the safety features which we believed are required when the child is at its most vulnerable. Simple mattresses also tend to have a simple foam core. The formulation of cot mattress foam in the UK is different to furniture foam. While this is in the best interests of the child it does degrade over time and therefore a mattress with a spring, pocket spring , or even better a Dual Core will probably last longer which is an important consideration when purchasing for a cot bed which is expected to be used over an extended period of time.

What should a good mattress be made of and how much can a parent expect to spend.

At kit for Kids we say a good mattress should be SAFE and COMFORTABLE for the LIFETIME of the mattress. Therefore a mattress such as the Ellergenic mattress which protects against the things we can’t see is an obvious choice. You certainly need a removable washable cover. If you are buying for a cot bed then buy one with a decent core. This will wear better over time. Also consider that a cot mattress is a compromise between bearing the weight of a baby and that of a child. This is where it differs from an adult mattress. However to compensate for this consider buying a Dual Core mattress which has two cores in one to cope with the varying weights during growth.

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How much to spend?

Well we believe it is the most important purchase you can make. While the cot may look aesthetically pleasing it won’t really help the child sleep. The Science of Safer Sleeping is all about the mattress and paying up to £200 may seem a lot but not when you consider this is an investment in the future wellbeing of the child.

How frequently should a new mattress be bought.

Ideally buy a new mattress for each child. However if this isn’t possible then at least use a mattress that has a sealed core such as an Ellergenic Mattress which prevents any nasties in the core harming the new and vulnerable baby. If you are re using a cot mattress make sure you clean the mattress and wash the cover first.

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