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LBP Awards 2016 Categories

Here is this year’s Lovedbyparents awards categories. If you already know the categories you will be entering, click here to go straight to the entry form. Entry costs £150 + VAT.


Best Doll or Soft Toy
Best Activity Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Interactive Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Stimulative Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Construction Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs 6+
Best Toy Design
Best Ride On 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Musical Toy
Best Role Play Toy
Best Outdoor Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Electronic Toy 0-1 yrs, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, 6+
Best Wooden Toy 0-1yrs, 1-3yrs, 3-6yrs, 6+
Best Board Game
Best Jigsaw
Best Art or Creative Activity.

Best Kitchen Appliance
Best Kitchen Appliance under £100
Best Kitchen Appliance over £150
Best Household Appliance
Best Household Appliance under £100
Best Household Appliance over  £250
Best Innovative Household appliance
Best Time Saving Product
Best Safety Product
Best Baby Friendly Detergent
Best Baby Friendly Fabric Softener
Best Cleaning Product

Feeding Products
Best Portable Feeding Product
Best Feeding/Support Pillow.
Best Innovative Feeding Product
Best Product for Bottle Feeding
Best Baby Steriliser
Best Feeding Equipment Set
Best Drinking Cup or Travel Bottle
Best Baby Accessory
Best Weaning Product
Best Product for Breast Feeding
Best Highchair or Seat
Best Feeding Accessory
Best Manual Breast Pump
Best Electronic Breast Pump
Best Toddler/Baby Snack
Best Child’s Snack
Best Children’s Dessert
Best Baby Food Range
Best Organic Baby Food Range
Best Organic Toddler Food Range
Best Toddler Food Range
Best Children’s Drink

Nursery & Accessories
Best Sleep Aid
Best Sleep Solution
Best Nursery Innovation
Best Night Light.
Best Nursery Bedding
Best Nursery Accessory
Best Baby Monitor
Best Video Monitor
Best Baby Mobile
Best Moses Basket
Best Crib
Best Cot
Best Cot Bed
Best Nursery Furniture Set
Best Baby Comforter
Best Bouncy Chair
Best Baby Rocker/Swing


Best Babybathtime Product
Best Bathtime Product
Best Baby Shampoo
Best Babybath Toy
Best Baby Towel
Best Innovative Bathtime Product
Best Babybath
Best Babybathtime Accessory
Best Babyseat/Support

Best Babysling
Best Babycarrier/Backcarrier
Best Baby Wrap
Best Changing Bag under £150
Best Changing bag over £150
Best 3 Wheel Pushchair
Best Pushchair under £300
Best Pushchair over £300
Best Pushchair Design
Best Travel System over £500
Best Travel System under £500
Best Double/Tandem Pushchair
Best Stroller
Best Lightweight Stroller
Best Double Stroller
Best Innovative Stroller
Best Innovative Pushchair
Best Car Seat Group 0+
Best Car Seat Group 2,3
Best Multi-stage Car Seat.
Best Innovative Car Seat
Best Travel Cot
Best Innovative Travel Product
Best Pushchair/Buggy Accessory
Best Travel Accessory
Best Travel Invention
Best Swimming Product
Best Swimming Aid


Best Baby Gift under £50
Best Baby Gift over £50
Best Baby Keepsake
Best Baby Print
Best Handmade Gift under £50
Best Handmade Gift over £50
Best Baby Book
Best Children’s Story – Preschool
Best Children’s Story 3-5 years
Best Innovative Gift under £50
Best Innovative Gift over £50
Best Gift for New Mum/Dad

Best Disposable Nappy Newborn
Best Disposable Nappy stage 2+
Best Disposable Nappy Stage 3+
Best Disposable Nappy Stage 4+
Best Disposable Nappy Stage 5+
Best Disposable Nappy Stage 6
Best Pull Up Pants
Best Swim Nappy
Best Reusable Nappy
Best Reusable Nappy Brand
Best Nappy Design
Best Babywipes
Best Sensitive Babywipes
Best Eco Friendly Babywipes
Best Organic Babycare Product
Best Ethical Babycare Product
Best Nappy Cream
Best Babycare Product
Best Toilet/Potty Training Product
Best Teething Product
Best Baby Thermometer
Best Children’s remedy

Clothes & Outdoor Wear
Best Baby Fashion Brand
Best Toddler Fashion Brand
Best Junior Fashion Brand
Best Baby Footwear
Best Toddler Footwear
Best Children’s Footwear
Best Maternity Fashion Brand

Best Maternity Product
Best Maternity Lingerie Brand
Best Maternity/New Mum Skincare Product
Best Innovative Maternity Product
Best Feeding Top
Best Pregnancy Pillow
Best Maternity Innovation

Special Awards
Best Family Brand
Best New Product to Market 2016
Best Innovative Idea
Supermarket Of The Year 2016
Best Online Retailer
Best Independent Retailer
Best Family Friendly Department store
Best Baby/Toddler Class
Best Ethical Brand
Best Ethical Product
Best Grocery Product
Parent Of The Year

Out and About
Best Family Friendly Restaurant
Best Family Day out
Best Family Friendly Accommodation
Best Family Friendly Travel Destination

Best Family App
Best Children’s App
Best Tablet
Best Technology Accessory

You can enter your product into this year’s awards by clicking here! Good luck! 

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