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Zoe and Beans We’re Not Scared! – Chloe & Mick Inkpen!

ZB_BB_WeNot Scared FC

A lovely tale of things that younger children are often scared of. Such as Spiders, loud balloons when they pop and the water. Zoe and Beans are not scared of anything and this is beautifully relayed in the story, which we are sure other children will take comfort from.!


Usborne – Peep Inside Animal Homes – Simona Dimitri!

09 peep inside ANIMAL HOMES cover

This book has been beautifully illustrated and there is great attention to detail. It teaches the reader about all different animals and the places in which they live in a really soft and informative way. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss the different animals and we particularly loved learning about the Buzzy Bee’s.!


My Mummy – Penguin !


On Mother’s Day Peter Rabbit has forgotten to get his mother a present. Even though she explains that all she would like is a cuddle, Peter goes off in search of Strawberries so he can make a special pie and ends up in Mr Tod’s cooking pot. After a close escape, all ends well.!


Ladybird – Baby Touch – Tummy Time!


This book has been very cleverly designed. It opens up into a carousel of different pictures and scenes. Each one has a different colour theme which is a nice first introduction to colours. Ideal for babies who are just learning to roll over, they can even touch a different material texture on each page!

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