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LEGO® Animal Atlas

***Includes bricks to build four exclusive LEGO® animals***

Discover the animals of the world and get inspired to build

Travel around the world and discover the planet’s amazing animals with LEGO® Animal Atlas. A children’s atlas like no other, this unique book uses specially commissioned LEGO® models and LEGO maps to illustrate where different animals live around the world.

Featuring more than 100 models of the world’s most awesome animals, LEGO Animal Atlas is packed with fascinating facts, fun images, information on different habitats, building tips plus much more. The book also includes 60 bricks and instructions to build four exclusive LEGO animals – a Penguin, Giraffe, Panda and Kangaroo.

The book begins with basic instructions and information on bricks and building. A detailed LEGO map, dotted with some of the micro builds introduce readers to each of the continents, the maps are then followed by colourful and informative spreads featuring different LEGO animals in their habitats. From the cuddly koala in the Australian outback to the fierce lion prowling the African savanna, the LEGO Animal Atlas features the world’s most popular animals, but also some of it’s more unusual inhabitants, including the Blue Footed Booby and mysterious giant squid.

This unique book will not only inspire children to create their own models using the bricks they have at home, it will also helps them gain a greater understanding of the amazing animals on our planet. From tigers to tortoises and camels to chameleons, the LEGO Animal Atlas is a must for little animal lovers and fans of LEGO.

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