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Lego City Mine

LEGO City The Mine comes complete with an incredible 748 pieces. Lego fans will enjoy digging for gold with a spinning drill and haul it out on a conveyor belt. This set does not disappoint and includes a movable crane, working dump truck with cabin, and lock-up safe for storing gold. The recommended age is 6-12 years and we found this to be very accurate with our own testers.

We asked two very enthusiastic Lego fans to build the Lego City mine and watched in amazement as they set to work. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. They worked together and were delighted as each individual stage came together only pausing to tell us how  ‘Incredibly cool’ the moving crane was. We did offer to help but our offer was politely declined. The key point to highlight with Lego is, it is part of a different world. Children love it because it is so well made and designed. Lego know how to please children and it’s the detail that is incredible. To see so many pieces come to life, is amazing and a reason why Lego has been around for so many generations.

Lego fans will not be disappointed with the latest edition to the range.


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