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Lego City

The children were given the opportunity to construct different vehicles and landscapes from the ‘Lego City’ range. The age range is 5-12 or 6-12 depending on the complexity of the Lego. I grouped competent 5 year old children with 10 year old children. This combination was really effective as the younger children were supported when building the various parts to the ‘Lego city’. The different parts to the Lego City were split into different bags with instruction booklets. There are many different parts to the Lego and the attention to detail on the vehicles and buildings is incredible. When I discussed this with the children it was this detail that made it more attractive and the young and old children were really up for the challenge of completing each piece. The booklet was brilliantly coherent and the children worked methodically through the instructions taking care not to miss out any pieces.

What was great to watch was the team work of the children taking turns to find and fit the pieces together. The construction of this Lego caused much interest from the other children in class. On an educational level Lego provides children the opportunity to develop many skills such as, team work, following instructions, problem solving, fine motor skills & curiosity. Once the pieces where constructed the children played very contently with the Lego. They used language appropriate for police & fire fighters and their imagination was inspired.


The children LOVED the Lego; I was amazed to observe the enthusiasm & cooperation. I think for the younger children it is probably best to be introduced a little bit at a time so they can build up the skills needed for more challenging pieces & for the older children…..well they couldn’t get enough of it!

Report by Mrs Lisa Jacobson


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