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Lindam Safety Tips

Safeguard your home in six easy steps

with the UK’s leading safety experts Lindam

The transition from baby to toddler is an exciting time but it can also be a worrying one with little hands keen to explore new objects and pieces of furniture.  Lindam, the UK’s No.1 Safety brand has been delivering safety solutions to parents for 25 years. Here, they share their top tips for safeguarding your home…

1.     See the world through your child’s eyes. This is a good way for parents to be more aware of the possible danger points and make their home safe. Get down on your hands and knees and look out for sharp corners, plug sockets, trip hazards, falling objects and anything that can be opened easily – such as drawers and cupboards. You will often spot things that you wouldn’t even notice when standing. Think about what safety accessories you will need, they are ideal for protecting roaming hands and avoiding sharp edges.

 2.     The kitchen is one of the most hazardous rooms in the home; toddlers are at risk from burns and scalds, potential poisoning accidents and also a place where sharp objects lurk. Prevent burnt fingers by using the back burners on your hob rather than the front ones. Store cleaning products in wall cupboards so they are out of reach, make sure the cap is turned to the ‘off’ position and where possible buy products which have child safety lids. Try to limit the number of utensils you use, so you don’t lose track of any or risk knocking one on the floor.

3.     Sharp corners, fireplaces, cables, wires and plug sockets – the dangers soon add up in the lounge.  Always use a fire guard, even if you have an electric fire, as the heat of the glass can still cause serious burns to a child. Remove temptation from your little one by moving vases, ornaments and photo frames out of reach and keep wires away from little hands to prevent your explorer pulling on them.

4.     Now your little adventurer can get around, the stairs seem like a fun place to play but falling down them is one of the most common toddler accidents. Choose a wall mounted safety gate for the top of the stairs – which is screwed directly into the wall and doesn’t have a bar running along the bottom – potentially becoming a trip hazard at the top of the stairs.  A pressure fit such as our best-selling Easy Fit gate or wall mounted safety gate can also be used at the bottom of the stairs.

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 5.     Once your child moves from a cot to a bed they then have the freedom of the bedroom – even when you’re not there! Move all creams and lotions out of easily accessible drawers or use a drawer lock to keep them out of reach and ensure that nappy bags are also stored securely. For the times when your little one is actually sleeping, a soft sided bed rail will prevent falls from the new bed.

Safety Toddler Bed Rail Pink 051320

6.     As children become more independent and curious, the toilet often becomes a new toy and the bathroom a favoured playground.Use a toilet lid lock to prevent valuables being lost down the toilet; it is also fundamental you make sure that all bottles and medicines are stored away in a locked cabinet. Radiators and towel rails are also something to be aware of as these can easily burn and remember that children can drown in as little as one inch of water so it is critical that your child doesn’t enter the bathroom without your knowledge.

Many everyday household items that we don’t consider as intriguing or new are like pieces of buried treasure to a toddler.  This curiosity is what can lead to both minor and serious accidents.  By simply going round your house room by room and eliminating these hazards makes for a much safer environment for both you and your child. It takes a matter of minutes but it could save heartache in the long run.

Lindam understands the importance a parent places on finding a brand that they can trust and rely on which is why each individual item in the range is rigorously tested to meet strict standards of safety, ease of use and practicality. Lindam’s range of safety gates has won many awards including the coveted Mother & Baby awards for the Easy Fit Plus, Sure Shut Axis and numi, whilst being voted parents Best Value and Best Buy Safety product for three consecutive years by Prima Baby Readers. For more details and to explore the full range please visit or like the Facebook page: Lindam UK

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