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Little Tikes Play ‘N’ Scoot Pirate Ship Ride-On

Name: Nicola Hinchliffe

Children: Charlie Manning 1

Name Of Product: Little Tikes Play ‘N’ Scoot Pirate Ship Ride-On

This funky little ship is a must have toy for mini monsters on the move. The very cool pirate ship features its own pirate mast which at the touch of a button makes a variety of sounds. However, my monsters favorite bit is the storage box in the seat unit. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff one little man can stash in his ‘secret’ compartment. Only yesterday I emptied it to find no less than 2 socks, 5 wow toy people, 3 wooden animals and a small ball hiding in there.

The Little Tikes ride on comes with 2 surprising soft pirates to ‘man the ship’. On our ship one pirate tends to be at the helm and the other one ends up on the lookout post at the top of the mast. However, they never seem to stay in their rightful positions for long as the little man is teething really badly at the moment and he loves having a good old chew on them. Thankfully the paint has stayed intact and his new teeth haven’t even marked the ship mates which is a bonus.

Monster loves to sit on the pirate ship and have a good scoot about so it’s a good job it’s made from tough plastic as his scooting skills aren’t the best and he seems to always end up trying to get through the closed door.

Monsters cousin have both had a scoot about on the pirate ship too and they absolutely adore it. His oldest cousin is 3 and she loves it just as much as the boys do. The fact that they all want to play with it at the same time is starting to teach them just how important sharing is although I must admit that they have the odd wobble!

From thin wood like slats to anchors, flags and cannons the ride-on toy has so much beautiful detail. You can see that a lot of thought and attention has been put into it’s design and it has really paid of in the form of a stunning looking toy.

First Impressions:

When we received the big Little Tike box I was a little worried that we would struggle to put it together but after a quick read of the instructions we set to work. Between 4 adults and 3 monsters we had the pirate ship together in a few minutes and not the good hour that I had predicted. This was great as all three monsters were itching to have a go. I must admit that I did stick a little man on upside down but as I told the other half, our Little Tikes ship is now ‘unique’

Favorite Points:

Charlie absolute favorite parts of the Little Tikes Pirate ship is definitely the storage compartment and the two little pirates that come with it. I love the fact that the durable plastic looks like it’s going to last for a long time to come. As long as my little man is safe and happy then so am I. I have no worries about the safety of the product and the little mans cheeky giggles assures me that he is having a whale of a time so I’m a happy mummy.

Points that could be improved, if any:

I would love to see the front of the underneath of the ship (plastic between the front two wheels) raised a little as my little man can’t seem to get over with ease .It can be a bit of a pain having to pull all the rugs up so that the little man doesn’t get stuck and frustrated. Apart from that, this is a very well thought out and practical product

Overall opinion:

Overall we are very impressed with this fab ride-on toy. It is ultra-cool to look at and practical too. The storage compartment and the little pirates have provided my little man with hours and hours of fun and as a result I’ve managed to have a cup of tea in peace which is a miracle in itself. The brightly coloured Pirate ship is gorgeous to look and even better to play with. Even I couldn’t resist a little scoot about on it.
I would definitely recommend this cute little Prate ship to anybody with a little monster between the ages of 1 and 3.


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