‘Look Back Longer’ with Joie’s Extended Rear Facing campaign!

Look Back Longer because every rearward day is a safer day!

Why Look Back?
At Joie, our mission is to keep kids safer. For this reason, we consulted with doctors and child safety experts worldwide to better understand the effects of a car crash on a child’s growing body. They agree rearward facing as long as possible is the safest way to go. When a child is riding rearward facing, the car seat absorbs the impact, protecting the child’s head, neck and spine – even up to 73% more than forward facing!
It’s also important to point out that according to the new i-Size ECE R129/00 regulation, children should ride rearward facing until at least 15 months! Read more about i-Size here:

Reasons to face rearward:

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Caution ahead – most crashes are at the front or from the side with a front angle


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Front facing danger – A child’s body is propelled forward, which can result in severe injury


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Rearward facing safety – A child’s body is securely cocooned while the safety seat absorbs the impact

When rearward facing, during a frontal crash a child’s body moves into the safety seat, which spreads the force over the entire body and absorbs the impact. This not only protects the child from flying debris or intrusions into the vehicle, but also prevents extreme strain on their delicate body.

Facts & Figures:
Points of protection during impact when rearward facing vs. forward facing:
70% less risk of head injury
73% less tension on the neck
34% less neck rotational force

Ready to ride rearward longer?
Meet Joie’s child safety seats that look back longer, and learn more about Extended Rear Facing at:


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