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Loved by Parents dives into the world of baby swimming!

Baby swimming has increased in popularity over the last decade with thousands of young children all over the world taking to the water each week.  Here, Loved by Parents speaks with Paul Thompson, co-founder of the world’s largest baby swimming company Water Babies, about the benefits of taking the plunge with your little one.

“Having spent nine months suspended in water in the womb, babies generally love the familiar sensation of floating in warm water, and the repetitive movements of bouncing and splashing provide a great stimulation for their sense of motion and balance” Paul says.

Here are ten reasons why swimming with your baby is great for the both of you:

For Baby:

Increased confidence in the water – which often then transfers onto land

The ability to swim independently from around 30 months

Learning to respond to simple instructions from birth is fantastic for helping to develop baby’s brain

Being in water means they can exercise all four quarters of their bodies, including some muscles they’d never find on land

Eating and sleeping patterns are often improved by swimming as it’s such good exercise

Babies who attend swimming classes become comfortable socialising with other babies and parents

For Parent:

Helps to enhance the bonding process – skin to skin contact in warm water is particularly good for this

Confidence in handling your baby in water then often transfers onto land

You will meet other parents in a sociable environment and benefit from the support and friendship within the class

Security of mind, knowing your child will be considerably safer around water


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