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Lovedbyparents do Europe Part 2

Paris is a very busy city and Dan decided that in keeping in spirit of our adventures, that we were to walk and take public transport where necessary. Personally being a big fan of cabs that can pick you up and take you all to one place in a short space of time, I begrudgingly agreed.

We activated Vodafone roaming before we left the UK so we had unlimited minutes and texts with access to our UK data allowance. This meant that we had access to maps on our phones which proved to be an amazing resource. Thanks to Dan’s talking map, we managed to navigate our way to the other side of Paris where we needed to catch our connection to Barcelona. It took longer than expected but we took in some beautiful sites along the way.


Sienna was sidetracked by other things:


and I was amazed that everyone managed to carry their bags without complaining.



After an hour and a half of walking, we arrived at Gare D’ Est and had time to collect a few supplies before boarding the train.



(The SNCF train to Barcelona)

The brilliant thing about inter railing is that time is your own. You can plan and amend your own schedule if you have an inter rail pass. All you have to do is fill in the destination, time and date before you board the train. Trains abroad are very different to the ones in the UK. They are luxurious in comparison and very well equipped for families. There was plenty of room in standard class and as you can see from the photo, a pull out table and reclining chairs. The children were in their element!


We travelled 6.5 hours to Barcelona but it really didn’t feel that long at all. The children napped, they walked around the train and watched in amazement as we followed the map on Dans iPhone and stopped in different places. We loved the fact that we could see so much out of the train windows. It had really begun to feel like a real adventure.

Before long, we had arrived in Barcelona!


For bookings visit or call 0844 848 5848. Personal callers are welcome at the Voyages-sncf Travel Centre, 193 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EU.

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