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Mamas & Papas Armadillo City

Name: Mamas and Papas Armadillo City

RRP: £179.00


What’s in the box? Raincover, Chassis, Shopping Basket

Accessories available: Lemon Drop Footmuff: £39.95


What they say:

There are loads of lightweight strollers out there, but most of them have really complicated umbrella folds that slow you down. The Armadillo City lets mums and dads choose a smaller, lighter option, without sacrificing on wriggle room or ease. The City has one of the smallest footprints out there, so it’s even easier to squeeze in and out of all your favourite destinations. And then when you’re finished you can fold it away with one hand in no time – 3 seconds in fact.

What we say:

Mamas and Papas are renown for their stylish designs and for producing pushchairs that stand out from the crowd. They always go the extra mile with features and really capture both parents and children’s needs. 

First Impressions:

The Armadillo City is available in a variety of colours. We loved the bold yellow design which is ideal for lifting any mood on a tired day. The key things I always look in a pushchair/stroller are swivel wheels, seat size, hood size and ease of use and fold. The Armadillo City does not disappoint.

Seat and Recline: When buying any wheels for your little one, you need to take into account the fact that they will grow. Seat size is really important as the last thing that you will want is for them to be hanging over the side. Not an ideal situation for them and it will make it heavier for you to push and navigate your way around. The City has a generous seat size and even though it is slim line, there is still plenty of room for your little one to sit and sleep comfortably. The seat is padded and reclines completely flat. A simple release button underneath allows you to pull the seat back into a 4 different positions.

It also has a 5 point harness to secure your little one inside with the traditional push button that appears on all M&P pushchairs.

Hood and Raincover: The Hood is an important feature as it blocks the sunlight and keeps your little one warm inside. Creating an almost cocoon feel for them. The city has a generous hood and a magnetic viewing window ontop, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one inside. The magnetic feature is really very clever as it makes no noise when you open it. Lots of parents will tell you that with velcro, they have disturbed or woken up their little one from the sound of the opening.


The Raincover is easy to attach onto the sides and can be easily folded and stored underneath in the shopping basket. M&P allow an extra inch either side so that you don’t run the risk of ripping it or having difficulties trying to put it on. It simply opens up and attaches.


Basket: Considering the City is a compact stroller, the basket is still very generous in size. We could easily fit two bags of shopping underneath. It is easily accessible from the back or sides of the stroller.

Fold: The one handed fold caught my attention from the very beginning. Could a stroller really fold with just one hand? Every parents dream when you are trying to fold down your wheels with a little one in your arms. 

We can confirm that as with the Armadillo, the city has the one handed folding mechanism. With three simple manoeuvres it folds completely flat and locks into place with the side lock.With no bits sticking out. Whether you are travelling in a car or a bus, this is such a clever design element. It is so compact and light that you wouldn’t have trouble folding it down in a moments notice. Ideal if you need to put other things in the car or trying to catch a busy bus.


Push: The City is smooth to push and has swivel wheels which makes it a joy to push. There is a one button break next to the bottom right wheel and you simply push down and the stroller will stop. Lift up and it activates the wheel once again. It doesn’t have extendable handle bars but they are still a good height and make the City easy to navigate.

Overall Verdict: The Armadillo City is an exciting addition to the M&P family. It is everything I look for in a pushchair and stroller combined. Light enough for travel but without compromising on comfort and style. The price tag attached makes it a very affordable and luxurious options for parents on the move.

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