Max Tow Truck

As parents we are often looking for toys that do something special or really bring something different to our children’s playtime experience and sometimes you will come across something that is completely unique. The Monster Tow Truck fits into that category and my husband and I were intrigued to find out whether it could in fact pull up to 200lbs as described.


We attached the truck to a skateboard and it pulled along our youngest daughter, much to her delight. It says a variety of phrases and it is a great interactive truck, with over 50 phrases and sounds. Our eldest son who is 15 years old also joined in and it was great to see our 4 children running around together, trying to find things they could tow. They also set up obstacle courses to see if the truck could climb over things and it managed it with ease. We just couldn’t help but join in and see what it was going to do next.


We loved the fact that it held their interest and that they keep coming back to play with it 3 months on.Who knew a Truck could be so much fun? if you are looking for a truck that offers something a bit different, then this could be the truck for you.




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