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Meet Braun’s no touch + forehead thermometer. The first thermometer with both no touch and touch functions.

More than half of parents checked their child’s temperature every hour (or more frequently!) during illness, including during the night, which isn’t always very helpful as sick children need sleep to help them recover. Braun’s no touch + forehead thermometer is perfect for those who like to keep an eye on their little one’s temperature during the night, as the no touch function means you don’t have to wake them up. If used correctly, non-invasive thermometers are as accurate and reliable as more traditional thermometers such as rectal.

“When a child has a fever, blood vessels dilate and move towards the surface of the body to radiate heat. This means a temperature measured using an ultra-sensitive optical thermal sensor is an accurate reading for what is going on inside your child when they have a fever.” Dr. Sarah Brewer

Meet Braun’s no touch + forehead thermometer. The first thermometer with both no touch and touch functions.


As the only thermometer to offer both a ‘touch’ and ‘no touch’ technology, Braun’s No touch + forehead thermometer offers parents clinically proven accuracy while also being very gentle to use. Parents can either place the thermometer directly on a child’s forehead in ‘touch’ mode or can hold it up to 5cm away in ‘no touch’ mode – perfect for when little ones are sleeping. Additionally, the patented proximity sensor helps to guide the thermometer onto a child’s forehead at the correct distance of up to 5cm away.


Featuring an ultra-sensitive sensor with an innovative optical system, it allows the No touch + forehead thermometer to capture twice as much radiated heat than other traditional forehead thermometers without an optical system.

The simple colour indicator also makes interpreting the results simple. The screen displays green if no fever, yellow if the temperature is elevated and red alert for a possibly high fever. Extra audible beeps – which can be turned off for when in use during the night – accompany the visual indicator for temperatures above 37.4°C.

With non-invasive technologies, there are some factors you need to be aware of so that you get as accurate reading as possible, which we’ll cover off next week.

Age range: Suitable from newborn

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