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Micro Scooters

The Micro Scooter range has something for the whole family. With a range of scooters suitable from 1 years – 100 years, they are a great way to whizz around and keep the whole family fit.

The Maxi Scooter is suitable for ages 6-12 years of age. Built to last, they are available in a range of bright and bold colours which children love. The Pink and Black (as shown above) is a limited edition and a very popular seller. They have tilt and lean steering which means that it is easy to steer and change into the next manoeuvre.  The base is wide enough and sturdy enough for your child to scoot with ease and be comfortable enough to scoot properly and not fall off. We have asked many parents what they think of the Micro Scooter range and their answer is always the same, ‘We absolutely love ours and could not do the school run without it’.

There are many accessories also available so you can really customise your scooter and make it stand out from the crowd. The Zooter range adds character and a fun element of play. They double up as a hand puppet and can be easily removed which is a great feature as your little one will no doubt want to collect the whole range. There are two pockets which sit on either side which can hold a drink, toys or any other treat that your little one would like to carry with them. Made with reflective material, it will be hard to miss your little one as they scoot along.

Pretty ribbons each a metre in length can make your scooter as pretty as you would like it to be. They are available online from .



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