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Mothers Shock at Baby Born Weighing 15lb 7oz

He’s already a handful: Mother, 21, gives birth to eye-watering 15lb 7oz son NATURALLY after mammoth 16 hour labour.

A mother has spoken of her shock after giving birth to a baby who weighed a staggering 15lb 7oz.

George King was starved of oxygen for ten minutes and was given just a ten per cent chance of survival after his shoulders got stuck during delivery.

However, six weeks later George, the biggest baby ever born in Gloucestershire, has been allowed to go home with his parents Jade Packer, 21, and Ryan King, 21.

‘Everyone was shocked that he was so big. He is a little miracle – a big miracle actually!’

After his birth George was taken to the special baby unit at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol.

But six weeks on, the trio are settling into family life.

Ms Packer, who is 5ft 7in tall, says it has put her off having any more children in case they are equally gigantic.

She said: ‘It was a massive shock for everyone – no-one had any idea he would be this big.

‘During the pregnancy I was just getting bigger and bigger.

‘It makes it even more special to have him home now after all he has been through.’

Mr King, a chef at All Bar One in Montpellier, said it had been a scary situation.

The 21-year-old, who is 6ft 2in, has been with Jade for three years, said: ‘We were told everything was normal until he popped out. It was scary because his shoulders got stuck and the staff told us he probably wouldn’t survive.

‘But now we are home, we are getting used to family life together. Everyone has said his size will level out and he will grow at a normal rate.’

During their ordeal the new parents were given support by the Bristol-based baby charity Cots for Tots, who gave them accommodation so they did not have to commute from Cheltenham to see George.

So far George is showing no signs of having suffered any adverse effects as a result of his traumatic birth but he is continuing to be closely monitored.


Source: Daily Mail

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