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Mum Pregnant with Twin Boys Gives Birth on the Toilet

A mum pregnant with twin boys gave birth to both at home when they arrived early – with one arriving on the toilet.

Olivia Abrahams, who has cerebral palsy which affects her ability to walk, was 37 weeks into her pregnancy when she suddenly needed the toilet.

She sat on the seat and was stunned when the first baby arrived. The little boy was left suspended from the umbilical cord just above the water.


Olivia managed to manoeuvre herself off the seat and crawled to the nearest phone in her bedroom clutching her newborn son.

She rang husband Dean who had taken their three year-old son Noah to his swimming lesson.

He called an ambulance and paramedics made their way to the house in Shenley, in Hertfordshire where they cut the umbilical cord and checked the baby over.

They were preparing to take Olivia to hospital an hour later when the second twin suddenly arrived.

Around a dozen medical staff, including three midwives, arrive at the house to make sure all was well.

Olivia and her babies eventually reached hospital where they were all declared healthy and allowed to return home three days later.

The first twin Jonah was born at 6lbs 15oz while baby Cole weighed 6lbs 10oz.


Source: ITV News

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