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Mum Welcomes Baby Boy After Four Ectopic Pregnancies and Six Failed IVF Attempts

A mother who shed ten stone after a lengthy fertility battle will put her fitness levels to the test in an epic endurance challenge.

Hayley Black, 41, started comfort eating after experiencing four ectopic pregnancies and going through six failed attempts at IVF treatment.

Twelve years ago she fell pregnant with identical twins, but had a difficult pregnancy.

Son Cory was stillborn, but miracle baby Kye has grown into a healthy 11 year-old boy.


She said: ‘I actually couldn’t believe that I qualified, it doesn’t seem real. It took me five years to finally have my son and I did a lot of comfort eating.

‘Kye is an absolute little miracle. For the first year of my weight loss I just started eating better, I felt too big to go to the gym. I did a lot of walking with the buggy.

‘When I tell people I used to be a size 26 they don’t believe me. I often find myself apologising for losing all the weight.


‘The obstacle courses are so fun, it doesn’t really feel like exercise. My main aim at the world championships is to get to the end alive. The whole way I will be thinking of Kye.’

Hayley will fly out to America on Thursday, with the obstacle course taking place over two days next weekend. She also takes on races in Britain for charity alongside friends Helen Tree and Lisa Jones, both also from Canvey, who call themselves the Superhero Mums.

They all take part in Super hero outfits, with Hayley being Wonder Woman.

She added: ‘I’d started doing the odd sponsored race to raise money for charity. I knew Lisa liked running, so I asked her to do an obstacle course with me, but she wasn’t sure if she could afford to do it at the time.

‘She went out for a run and found £20 on the ground which she was certain was a sign.

‘After that, Helen said she’d like to do it and we’ve all been addicted ever since!

‘I started off as Wonder Woman, because that’s what people would call me after everything I’d been through. I just laugh my way through life because to me, life is short and it’s about what you make it.’

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