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Emma Quarmby

Name: Emma Quarmby

Age: 39

Pregnancy: Number 6 (3rd successful)

Pain relief used: Gas and Air

Due Date: 23rd January 2012

Arrival Date: 22nd January 2012

The Beginning

I was surprisingly awake for the time of night – in fact anything past 8.30pm was practically a miracle. I had a show after walking the dogs in the afternoon but despite it being my 3rd pregnancy I still didn’t know if I would realise if I was in labour or misinterpret the key signs.

Close to Midnight, I told my husband to go to sleep. I was a bit twingey but nothing serious. At 1am I woke my husband up and rang the hospital to say I thought I was in labour but I still was not experiencing much pain. They probably thought I was mad but I had my 2nd child after only 1hour 40 minutes of starting labour. I was worried I might have the baby at home if I wasn’t careful. As we set off to hospital, the contractions slowed in the car and I thought it may be a false alarm.

Once at hospital the midwife hooked me up to a monitor, I’d been classed as high dependency due to my previous miscarriages so they were being very careful with me.The midwife thought I was too calm to be up to much so left us alone. I always stay standing in labour so I just wandered around as best I could as I was tethered to the machine. The contractions stepped up pretty fast. My husband looked on, I think, in amazement not quite sure what to do. I started stamping about and asked the midwife if I could start with gas and air. She got me on the bed for a quick check and said I was ready to push! I don’t believe its natural to be on ones back so I knelt on the bed, hanging onto the head of the bed and of course the gas pipe.

Did labour progress naturally?

Very quickly and completely naturally

What happened next?

My husband was really worried by my pain, and it was insanely hot in the delivery room. As I could feel my membranes about to pop I heard a crash. My husband is quite clumsy so I thought “oh god what’s he broken now”. I looked over the end of the bed to see Will white as a sheet, an electric fan on top of him – he’d fainted and taken the fan down with him. He also made an impressive dent in the newly plastered wall! Meanwhile I’m trying to stop a very determined baby from arriving before Daddy could witness it! Will got to his knees to see the baby delivered.

How did you reach the end?

Was meeting your baby everything you expected?

It was amazing! We have 2 girls already, but after 3 miscarriages, gender was not a consideration. Of course we both knew a boy would be the icing on the cake. In the heat of the moment we didn’t even think! As the baby was delivered under me as I was kneeling the midwife said “come on then what have you got?”. I looked down, opened up the legs to see a BOY! It was a slow motion moment as I tried to think clearly – in my mind I was saying that’s not a girl, that’s definitely a willy”

How long was your recovery?

Recovery – well I was having tea and toast by 3.30am, having showered and changed. I was discharged by 10am, but as it was Sunday we had to wait ages for the paediatrician. We went home at 4pm. I’d been lucky avoiding stitches, only had a tiny nick and was absolutely fine. We had our first day out on day 2.

As the birth was so fast Oliver did not wait for his body to turn so I delivered his head and his body followed. It was quite sore but at that speed I wasn’t stopping!


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