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Mums Banned From Breastfeeding… At Breastfeeding Event

The breastfeeding in public debate has been taken to a whole other level after organisers of a breastfeeding conference have told mums they can’t breastfeed their children during the event!

Women have been left completely confused after officials organising a breastfeeding conference told mums attending that they won’t be allowed to breastfeed their babies during the event. A little ironic, don’t you think?

The Scottish Government-backed event, which is set to be held next month at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, has certainly made a name for itself after telling mothers set to attend that breastfeeding their babies wouldn’t be “appropriate”.

The idea behind the conference, titled “Shifting the Curve – Sharing the Challenge Breastfeeding Summit”, is to “remove some of the barriers” surrounding breastfeeding.

It’s open to all those who work with children and families – except working mums who are still breastfeeding, it seems.

The head of parenting consultancy Bond, Baby! admitted to being “dumbfounded” when the event organisers told her that it was geared towards “professionals” – not breastfeeding mums.

“Obviously it had not occurred to them that you can be both,” says Elise Stirling, 31, who’s currently breastfeeding. “It never even occurred to me that I would have to ask permission to breastfeed.

“After talking to people I started getting a wee bit angry as I knew it was illegal to ban mothers from breastfeeding.”

When Ms Stirling complained, she was told that extra “facilities” would be provided for breastfeeding mums, the Telegraph reports.

And it’s not just working mums who are outraged by the event organiser’s double standards. Labour MSP Elaine Smith called it “astonishing” that mums were told their children weren’t welcome.

“The irony of it being a breastfeeding conference is unbelievable,” says Smith. “Women should be able to breastfeed wherever they are, they should be able to sit in the auditorium.

“If breastfeeding is seen as something that has to be hidden away in a different room, instead of celebrated, I don’t think we will break down the barriers.”

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