My son turned 2 in January and still isn’t talking…..

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A reader asks: My son turned 2 in January and still isn’t talking. He has said a few words but only a couple of times then doesn’t say them again. He constantly babbles and to get what he wants he takes me to the area and I always know what he wants, I talk to him lots, I use single words as well as general chat. He loves books and nursery rhymes so I’m always reading and singing but I’m just worried why he’s not talking yet, is there more I could do or could there be something wrong? Thanks x


  1. My son didn’t speak much at all to start with and one day, it was like someone turned on a tap! There was no stopping him:) sometimes I think they are just busy absorbing everything around them:)
  2. Our youngest didn’t talk till she was three and a half, she didn’t need to I and sisters talked for her so she had it sweet! Don’t worry it is all his development path!
  3. My son is 3 & 1/2 and exactly the same as your son. Had eyes and ears tested and all ok. Nursery has helped and I use makaton signing but it’s all on his terms. Speech therapy only helped him to make noises in response and maintain eye contact when he wants something. Like someone said, he’ll speak when he wants to but as he can already communicate with me in other ways, he can’t see the point in talking at he moment. He is being assessed for ASD but nothing conclusive at the moment. It’s difficult and it does hurt seeing how advanced other children his age are but try to stay strong xx
  4. My son is the same. He will be 3 in august. Yesterday was the first time he put 2 words together. I got so excited I must have looked crazy in the shop lol. I was told read and sing to him and talk about everything which I do and have done since he was tiny.5. My son is 2 nxt month and doesn’t talk. He can say some words esp NO! but otherwise just babbles or rants lol. He’s my youngest of 3, his eldest sister didn’t speak til she was over 2 whereas my other daughter was a fluent speaker from 18mths & never shuts up lol I learned the hard way that kids reach milestones at their own pace and no 2 are the same. Good luck.

6. I wouldn’t worry – boys are commonly late talkers. My son was 2 years 4 months when he started talking. As long as he is                communicating well (pointing to things he wants, taking your hand and taking you to where he wants to be etc), then      there’s nothing to worry about.

7. If you feel truly worried take him to your HV, I was a nightmare comparing our first child to milestones in                   books/internet/other parents, but realistically each child is individual and may not do things when the majority do, just talk to him with the correct words (not baby babble) and he will progress xxxx

8. My son was the same, to the extent that I discussed it with the health visitor. He was talking in sentences from about 2 but it was his own words that were completely unrecognisable. He did have about 50 words that made sense but seldom used them. She wasn’t concerned at all, and at 3 he never shuts up, and I’d say 80% of what he says is clear. His vocabulary is huge as well. If your son is making himself understood, which it seems he is, and he’s making effort with a language formation then I wouldn’t worry, it will come. It was hard for me as I have two older girls and my middle child especially was a fantastic talker from early on. But some kids just take it in their stride. If you are really concerned talk to your health visitor, but I wouldn’t worry for at least another year personally.

9. My son was the same. He said his first work hiya at 9 weeks, said his sisters name (Emma) at 7 months and now 28m and can only say mammy, daddy, Emma but pronounced memma, and money clearly. Says lots of single words now but not clear to strangers. He has now been at a nursery since October for 2-3 sessions a week. Carry on giving him the tools but they talk in their own time x

10. My son didn’t talk at 24m. By 2.5 he could say 10 words. He started pre school and within weeks was saying sentences. It was all stored away but just wasn’t being said. I did get health visitor involved but there really was no need. So different to my first born who said short sentences by 12m.

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