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New Apple Watch: Most Useful Baby Accessory Ever?

We’ve all been there. Your little bundle of joy finally arrives, the sleepless nights begin and the everlasting battle to juggle everything starts in earnest.

Last week my wife and I babysat our three-month-old niece, giving her Mum and Dad a well deserved night off.

In the three years or so since our youngest was a baby, my owl-like hearing has deteriorated somewhat. After an hour or so of Netflix I muted the TV, just in time to hear tears from the spare room.

Leaping up and carefully tip-toeing in through the door I realise she’s wide awake. Taking no chances, I scoop her up and head to the formula station in the kitchen, rocking and humming like a pro (not a madman). As any parent knows, preparing formula is like riding a bike; you never forget!

Bottle in hand we head to the sofa and settle down. Just as she begins to relax, my phone beeps. Then again. Then twice more.

With my phone on the kitchen table, getting up to get it is completely out of the question. Here’s where Apple Watch comes into its own.

During the baby phase, the chances are you are either feeding, bathing, changing nappies, entertaining or trying to catch some sleep of your own. Having an Apple Watch means you can still do all of the above while staying in contact with your colleagues, friends or boss.

In the space of fifteen minutes I’ve managed to feed the baby, burp her and rock her to sleep while simultaneously dealing with several important emails. I was able to WHISPER my dictated responses into the Watch without disturbing her milk time.

It almost made me want to have another baby just to get the most out of my Apple Watch. Almost.

Text messages, email, weather, news and Twitter updates are all accessible from the watch, and notifications are pushed to your Watch automatically as they arrive. You can put the device into silent and the powerful vibration motor will alert you to all incoming messages.

From a single charge Apple Watch will give you at least a full day of battery power, and if you switch it off overnight you should reach the following evening too.

The new Apple Watch will massively increase what you can do without having to dip into your pocket for your handset. An invaluable advantage to anyone, not just parents.

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Review by Daniel Summers. 

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