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New Beginnings – Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton Blog Loved by Parents

I am Laura Hamilton; a TV presenter and most important of all, a new Mum.

My little boy Rocco was born almost 12 weeks ago, and it has been the most incredible 12 weeks I could ever have imagined.

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Prior to Rocco being born, I always made it very clear to my husband that I wanted to juggle my career as well as being a parent, and I am extremely lucky that Alex is 100% supportive of that.   I know that this might not be right for everyone, but it is for me and everyone is of course entitled to do things the way in which suits them best.

My little boy was born by emergency c-section.  Alex and I took part in an amazing Hypno-birthing course, run by Teresa Pegrum and I Hypno-birthed in the birthing pool for 5 hours before it was discovered that Rocco was in fact breech.  Like most people, I had an idea of what I hoped my experience would be.  I was however, extremely open about it and was happy to go with the flow.  It was frustrating that I had to go in to theatre, but ultimately Rocco was a healthy baby weighing 6lb 15oz, and that was all that mattered.

Rocco is an extremely smiley, happy baby.  The first month was particularly hard with lack of sleep.  He breast fed every 3 to 4 hours. The first 6 weeks is tough with a newborn because you generally don’t get much back. They can’t focus and it feels like they just look past you. However, on Christmas morning Rocco smiled for the first time. It was magical moment.


I returned back to work and flew to Austria with Rocco on 5th January, and he was a dream on the flight.  If a baby is sucking on a flight it will help them to equalise with he air pressure and so I made sure Rocco could suck on a bottle teat or my finger!  I think this really helped.

I am really conscious of making sure Rocco is happy when I am not always by his side.  During the first few months of his life he has had lots of cuddles with lots of different people, and long may this continue.  I would love him to be a confident little boy who on his first day at school isn’t afraid to be apart from his Mummy.

Spending a month in Austria was amazing for Rocco.  I took his play mat, and lots of books and Lamaze toys (which I think are fantastic).  I was able to get him in to a routine pretty quickly, bathed and in bed by 7pm. Up until 2 weeks ago I did a dream feed at 10:30pm, but have now stopped the dream feed as he is sleeping from 7pm until 6:30am.  I think we are VERY lucky!

Whilst abroad Rocco went swimming for the first time and he absolutely loved it.  I am starting a Water Babies course with him this weekend and hopefully he will love that too.  I’m also extremely keen for Rocco to be able to speak several languages so I’ve been playing him French nursery rhymes.  It might sound mad but children are like sponges and whilst they are so young it’s the best time to learn!  He now really concentrates and focuses on the screen when they are playing.

I love singing to Rocco. I think all the nursery rhymes I learnt being part of the Fun Song Factory over 10 years ago are coming in very handy.

I’m going to be blogging for Loved By Parents sharing Rocco’s development with you over the coming months, so I hope you enjoy reading all about it and I wish you all the best in your incredible journey with your little ones.

Until next time,


Laura xxx

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