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Nokia LUMIA 1020 Review

Here at LBP we’ve been keeping a close eye on the ever growing list of Nokia phones coming along, and have been impressed with their general functionality and design.

So were excited when we were invited along to judge the new flagship model for ourselves at the launch party at London Zoo a few weeks ago.

First Impressions

Build quality on the Nokia smartphone range has been consistently good, and the 1020 continues this trend. The handset feels comfortable in your hand; not too heavy and not too large. It has a re-assuring weight to it, without feeling heavy.

Nokia have invested some time and effort into the presentation of the device, with a nice layout and quality purple-ish cardboard housing the handset and the accessories supplied, which include a handy travel charger, a handsfree headset and convenient Nokia sim tool.The 1020 comes in black, red and yellow. Our demo model came in yellow.

Windows Mobile 8

The latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system (Window’s Mobile 8), is polished and easy to use. We were impressed with how ‘deep’ the operating system could be; allowing you to customise almost every possible element of your experience without things getting complicated.

Those familiar with Windows Mobile will have seen the ‘tile’ feature, which pulls a snapshot of information from the relevant service (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn etc) and displays it on the tile without you needing to physically open the app and check for updates. It really feels like the information you really want is shown in a far more straightforward way. You can also create a tile dedicated to any one particular person, giving you their Facebook status’ or Twitter updates at a glance as well as their most recent text messages to you and incoming or missed calls.

The interface is snappy and intuitive without any noticeable lag whatsoever. We found this to be true even when running several intensive apps.


The Nokia LUMIA 1020 sports the world’s very first 41 megapixel camera, complete with 6 separate lenses. We tried our camera on various subject matter, including children eating ice cream (complete with large scale spillage!), butterflies and giraffe’s at a distance. We found that the camera captured everything with incredible detail, even in low light scenarios – no mean feat when you consider that the butterfly enclosure alone was very dimly lit indeed.

We took a look at the images we’d taken on a 27” Apple iMac in the office on Monday morning, and the images can only be described as breathtaking. The detail is remarkable, and you need to remind yourself that you are viewing them on a mobile phone. The quality, colour representation and detail is more like what you’d expect from an entry level DSLR camera.

Camera operation is simple, with a handy traditional ‘shoot’ button situated on the right where you’d expect it to be, and simple controls on the screen itself to control elements like white balance, exposure, ISO levels and focus.

The 1020 comes with 32GB built in storage, ensuring you don’t run out of storage space easily.

The manual focus feature allows for some seriously cool effects, especially when photographing objects close up for example.


The Nokia LUMIA 1020 is one of the best smartphone’s we’ve used. It’s operating system is slick, easy to use and very useful, build quality is great, battery life fantastic and the camera is better than anything else currently on the market. And when you consider you can pick one of these up for less than £550 without signing a contract, or FREE if you do – we’d highly recommend it.

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