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Ocado calls on kids to help bin the nation’s food waste

Ocado and Little Inventors have joined forces to encourage Britain’s young brains to come up with an invention that can fight against household food waste.

  • The winning idea submitted to will be made into a real creation by the Little Inventors ‘Magnificent Makers’ team
  • After revealing near-zero food waste figures, the Ocado Food Waste Challenge is part of the leading online supermarket’s mission to help households tackle the issue.

Nearly a fifth of the food we buy ends up in the bin! And lots of that is food that is perfectly edible, but still we throw it away because we prepare too much or we’re not sure about how fresh it is.

With 7.3 million tonnes of food and drink being binned every year in the UK, Ocado is now hoping to uncover the next big idea to help customers to carry on the low wastage mission at home.

We can all be guilty of it, especially with everyday pressures and busy lives leading to unpredictable eating and limited time to cook. Long neglected bags of salad, gone-off milk and miscellaneous Tupperware contents are often left abandoned in our fridges until they are more dustbin than frying pan material – but an imaginative invention idea that could solve this real problem would do wonders for the environment as well as our bank balances.

According to leading waste charity WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme), some of the most common reasons for throwing food away include not storing it correctly or using it in time, preparing and cooking more than we need, and lack of planning. With the help of Little Inventors and its new Food Waste Challenge, online grocery retailer Ocado is eager to help the nation overcome these obstacles and rescue edible food from ending up in the bin.

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