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October 2013

September brought about alot of changes in our household. Sienna turned 7 years old which seemed incredible as in so many ways she still seems so little. We share so many joys together and a love for My Little Pony and Care Bears. It seems that happy childhood memories can be recreated so many years later. A testament to the brand which has lasted so long and still continues to bring joy to little boys and girls.

Eva has made the transition from nappy to little knickers. She seems to be incredibly pleased with herself and has also stopped having her bottle. I can’t tell you how naturally these events came around for us. I knew having had three other children that she ‘shouldn’t’ still have a bottle at bedtime but felt I would wait for her to stop as she seemed to love nothing better than milk trickling down her little throat at bedtime. Two days ago, she just said that she didn’t like it and wanted to have her cup. As you can imagine, there has been alot of singing, clapping, cheering and giving away of glorious stickers. I have always believed that encouragement and praise are key things at any age.

On reflection, it is amazing how quickly they change. How hard it can be for us as parents to actually let go of certain stages and how much we end up worrying more than they do about things.

We have lots of great Halloween ideas on LBP this month including some Brain Cakes which look rather scarey. Please share with us your recipe photos, we love to see them!


Have a great October!




Mini shepherd’s pie

Spider Cup Cakes