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Measuring Big

Dear Little Bud,

We have somehow reached the 34-week mark and I have been in a real fluster over the past week, packing, washing your clothes and getting everything ready for when you arrive. I insisted on an emergency trip to Mothercare to buy you a bath, towel and changing mat. Daddy has just been indulging me and moving half the house around.

We saw the doctor last week, who told us that you have doubled in size in two weeks and are now measuring 6-7lbs already. Given that Sienna was 9lb 10z, followed by Eva who was a petite 7lb 3oz, I was expecting you to be around 7lb as I thought it was a complete myth that every baby increases in size. Or that I was exempt because Eva was smaller than Sienna!

I have to admit that I cried! Not because I am worried that you are going to be a little chunk but because I am tired of people telling me that a) it will all be ok and b) it will be over quickly. How would they know unless they have psychic powers?

Our consultant has asked me to consider a C-section again if you get any bigger but I feel strongly that if I can deliver a 9lb 10z baby without any pain relief (another long story and also what happens when your planned pain relief doesn’t work), then I should be able to deliver you too. I trust in my body and as I have had 4 natural births, I was counting on you pretty much dropping out.

You seem happy kicking and moving around inside me. I love laying and watching you move. I often wonder what your thinking and doing when my stomach looks like it’s shape shifting!

Not long to go now little bud and you will soon be in my arms, this is what I think they call the calm before the storm. The girls have all sorts of fun things planned out for you to do. I think they are going to be in for a little shock when they realise that you will pretty much spend the first few months sleeping.

Love you so much,

Mummy xxx

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