Our 9 month old baby doesn’t sit still for 5 minutes.

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A reader asks: Does anyone else have an issue with putting their little one down? our 9 month old doesn’t sit still for 5 minutes. I can’t put her down which is lovely but I don’t get anything else done! How can I encourage independent play? Thanks x

‘Have you tried any mother and baby groups? both my twins like to cling to me and seeing other kids playing helped encourage them to let go and play.’

‘ I got a play pen that folded away really easily and had toys in it so that I could go do something and know my LO was safe. Once he was a bit older I gave it to my mum to use as she has dogs so she would put him in it when she needed to leave the room’

‘Separation anxiety usually starts around 9mths. I’m sure they will get used to it, just may take a little time’

‘You need the jumperoo ! My daughter had one and was never out of it whilst I did housework. I can remember not being able to put baby down and I guess I was to soft as they do get used to being held.’

‘We had a big travel cot we used as a play pen. When she was old enough she would climb in it to play & have a nap!’

‘Definitely a play pen. I had a wooden one that was big enough for me to get in aswell. I could get her playing then go. Or even better, I could lye down and sleep in there with her playing, she was happy as I was there and I was happy as she was safe ?
She loved in there with all her toys to play with.’

‘Ruby was the same and the best thing we ever did was put her travel cot up with a proper cot mattress in it as a play pen… soft landings, helped her learn to pull herself up and walk around the cot etc too. Got an outdoors play pen but it wasn’t very sturdy so used twice I think… snacks in it and toys to play with in it. Ruby also loves to look at all her books xxx’

‘My 2 year old is still like this. My little shadow’

‘As above, play pen with toys, ball pool, baby wearing, jumparoo, baby walker. I find playing music helps too.’

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