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Pabobo Dream Theatre

After struggling to get my lively 15-month-old son to sleep for as long as I can wearily remember, you can imagine how I grabbed the opportunity to review the Pabobo Dream Theater which promises to ‘make bed-time more peaceful’.

As I tore open the box in front of my son, I’m not sure if his laughter of delight was for the same reason as mine. I rubbed my eyes, and without reading the small instruction manual I found the nearest plug socket and connected it quicker than you can say “sleep”.

Instantly, soothing light of purple, green and white projected against the wall and ceiling, as the animated jungle animals and musical notes circled round and round. My son loved it and squealed when I pressed the easy access button to switch on the soothing music, I pressed it again to turn it into a bedroom of jungle activity from tweeting birds to rippling water. Then my excited boy decided to pick up the packaging and carry it off to the other side of the room.

Does it work?

As soon as I started to read the first of my son’s chosen books at bedtime, I placed the Pabobo onto the drawers near to his cot and press the magic button. The music seemed a little louder than I would have liked and there is no volume setting. The nature sounds also captivated my son in a more lively way than I wanted him to be so, I decided to click it to the evolving animals without any sound. He watched the lights on the ceiling and pointed with a smile. Before long, he started to guzzle his milk and drift off as his eyes fixed on the lights. AND hallelujah, his eyes started to close as wearily as mine began to. AND… sleep.

Three nights later and I’ve even tried switching the ‘soothing music’ on to see if it is too loud for him to relax. I was pleasantly surprised to see my son lay his head on his pillow and eventually drift off. No throwing his dummy out of the cot, pretending to get his leg stuck in the bars, or whine at me to give him attention. Shock. Horror. Let’s just hope the magic continues!

More important info:

The gentle sleep action stops automatically after 45 minutes (15 minutes for sounds), so you can leave it on and exit the room to wash up, work, or simply just watch EastEnders… whatever you can do!  You can also press a little button, also known as ‘sleep mode’, so that it turns back on if your little one wakes and cries in the night. Or, you can simply switch it off at the touch of a button! And, there is no need to worry about it overheating due to its cold LED system.

There is also a plastic wall mount, but I’ve not even attempted to use it – it may be handy to scrape the ice off my car this winter though. There are two types available – the Jungle or the Aquarium model. However, at a hefty price of £64.00 I’m not sure I could afford to buy one as a struggling single mum.


I love the fact that my son was captivated by the warm glowing light and enjoyed the music. It may be just lucky that he relaxed to it in three days, but I do wish it had a volume control. You can’t put a price tag on relaxation for both you and your little one, but you can have a restriction if your budget won’t stretch far enough. ‘Make bedtime more peaceful’? Pay if you can!

By Louise Harris


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