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Parents’ cries answered with new Tommee Tippee Colic Clinic initiative

This June, as the nation’s highest-profile baby, Prince Louis, reaches peak age for developing colic, Tommee Tippee is hosting a series of clinics to support new parents with colicky babies. The sessions will be held at London’s first ever family members’ club, Maggie & Rose in Kensington on Friday 29 June.

To launch the clinics, Tommee Tippee has partnered with parenting influencer Anna Whitehouse, also known as Mother Pukka, and renowned midwife Louise Broadbridge, to help shine a light on the crisis that is colic. Colic is a common condition that affects one in five babies* and described by the NHS as intense crying bouts that often last several hours.**

Anna Whitehouse aka ‘Mother Pukka’ is a parenting blogger and campaigner, providing news, reviews and honest comment for people who happen to be parents. Anna commented: “My first born, Mae, suffered from intense colic. I distinctly remember one night at 3am, she was crying relentlessly and I just burst into tears and cried with her. Non-stop. I felt like she was broken; I was broken. It was at this point I realised I was dealing with more than just a crying baby.

“During the worst phases of Mae’s colic, where crying onslaughts would last up to 90 minutes, I felt alone, isolated and I was mentally exhausted. I thought I was a rubbish mother if I couldn’t fix the issue, and that made me feel incredibly low. All of my energy was channelled towards this life form that needed more than I could give. It felt like I couldn’t leave the house for fear of what people would think of Mae’s screaming. Staying in became my routine and I slipped into a grey fog.

“It took time, but eventually I realised that it’s fine to utilise your network, and gradually began to lean on friends who had also experienced colicky babies for support. Combined with a trip to the doctor, some colic drops, a baby massage course and becoming a master swaddler, her symptoms started to ease. I got through it, and I hope I can help other new mums do the same.”

Louise Broadbridge, an award-winning and practicing midwife, commented:

“Having a baby is one of life’s most beautiful experiences, but it is also one that brings unexpected feelings and challenges. A baby with colic is no picnic, especially when there is no easy solution. The first and most important thing to remember is that you are still the lovely, amazing parent you were before. You haven’t done anything wrong and it is not your fault.

“Colic in babies is all too common and it is thought that your baby’s developing digestive system may be the cause. Just like the common cold, you are expected to live through it, but there are several things you can try at home to improve colic symptoms. The key is to find what works for you. Parenting isn’t easy. Look after yourself as well as your baby and, with calm perseverance, colic will get better with time.”

Research by Tommee Tippee found that over half (56%) of parents say an irregular sleep pattern in their baby – often a symptom of colic – increases their stress levels and two in five (38%) admit it impacts on their happiness.***

Nicola Wallace, Marketing Manager at Tommee Tippee, commented: “As a brand, we recognise that being a new parent is not always smooth-sailing. There are many obstacles to overcome in those precious first few months and, for many parents, one of the biggest challenges is colic. We want to help, so listening to, and reacting to, real parents’ feedback is at the heart of the Advanced Anti-Colic bottle development. If our products help to achieve happier babies and happier parents, we’re doing our job right. After all, we’re here to make the journey into and throughout parenthood as comfortable as possible.”

The Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottle features an award-winning breast-like teat, a triple venting system, for 80% less colic symptoms****, and a heat-sensing strip for extra reassurance on milk serving temperature. A unique super sensitive star valve guarantees no leaks and Tommee Tippee’s unique tube ensures the air bypasses the milk for fewer bubbles.

The Tommee Tippee free colic clinic will be open on Friday 29 June. The event will be hosted by Anna Whitehouse and Louise Broadbridge, with a baby masseuse offering tutorials. For more information and to get your tickets, visit

The Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti-Colic bottles are available in most major retailers and online. Visit to see where to buy.

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